Ironworks is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
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Yes, my chest is, in fact, asymmetrical, it's a very tender subject, thank you so much for bringing it up. Jeez, why not just pour some sugar in my gas tank while you're at it? [grumble]

Ironworks is an eccentric hermit, guarding and maintaining his communications station, far from the front lines. He indulges his artistic side by building bizarre devices on the land around his station.[1]

French name (Canada): Cuirassé
Italian name: Radar


Dreamwave comics continuity

Ironworks was seen at the Micros-only bar in Little Iacon. He tried to warn Trip-Up that the chair he was going for belonged to Roller Force. Trip-Up responded by taking the chair anyway, and pushing Ironworks out of his own chair for good measure. The Gray Race He was later seen trying to fight off a group of Decepticons who invaded the Micros' territory. Recipe for Hate



"OMIGOD run for your lifes! It transforms... into a WINDMILL!"

Generation One

  • Ironworks (Micromaster Station, 1989)
A redeco of the Off Road Patrol member Powertrain, Ironworks transforms into a longnosed semi truck cab of undetermined model. He came with a "communications bay", a construction base that unfolds into a communications tower with a (non-firing) missile launcher.


  • Build Base (Micro Transformer Station, 1990)
Ironworks was made available in the Japanese Zone line, with no notable changers from the Hasbro version.



  1. More Than Meets The Eye #3

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