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The name or term Ironhide refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ironhide (disambiguation).

Ironhide is an Autobot from Prime continuity family.

Man, all those years passed and STILL I'm mistaken with Ratchet...

Ironhide is a rough and ready, battle scarred soldier and long time friend and ally of Optimus Prime. But, contrary to his previous incarnations, he appears to be quite calm. He is always itching for a fight, loves hand-to-hand combat, and can be a bit sarcastic a times.

"That's what you get for picking the wrong side!"
―Ironhide brings the pain.


War for Cybertron video game[]


Ironhide helps Optimus, Bumblebee and Ratchet gain access to the Decagon by killing a Decpticon brute by lifting him up in the air and ripping him in half, Ouch! He then lifts the rubble in front of the Decagon up enough for the others to gain access to the building.

Ironhide goes with Warpath and Optimus Prime to purify the core of Cybertron. He helps free Omega Supreme and defends Ratchet while he repaired Omega. After Omega's repairs were finished and he opened the Omega Gate, Ironhide and the others journey into The depths of Cybertron where they encounter, fight, and defeat a Corrupted Worm. After the worm's death, Ironide witnesses the Core grant Optimus the Matrix of Leadership.

Fall of Cybertron video game[]

Ironhide plays a much smaller role in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Throughout Optimus Prime's first and second levels (which are actually the second and third levels in the game), he communicates to Optimus over comm link, informing him that he's working on meeting up with him somewhere. He appears at the end of the third level, helping out Prime briefly and while on Metrolpex's shoulder he says to Optimus,"Now that's a sight that my optics have longed to see for some time". He makes a very brief appearance at the end of the second to last level; as the camera pans in close to Prime's face, if one looks closely, one can see Ironhide and Bumblebee running through a door behind him.

Universe online game[]

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Prime: Robots in Disguise[]

  • Ironhide (Cyberverse Commander, 2012)
    • Acessories: 2 x Guns


  • His main weapons are a Scatter Blaster and an Energon battle axe.
  • His special powers are whirlwind attack and dash.
  • While he holds up the rubble to allow Optimus and the others to pass, he notes he can't hold it all day. You can stand there for a couple hours and nothing will happen. Probably cause you're not supposed to do that.
  • Like his Generation One counterpart, he bears quite a resemblance to Ratchet. The most noticeable difference is the head design.