The name or term Ironhide refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ironhide (disambiguation).

Ironhide is an Autobot in the Universe conflict.

Ironhide is one of several Autobots who hail from a dimension where most Transformers are considerably smaller than they are in other realities. He is possibly an alternate-reality version of Ironhide from the Robots in Disguise universe.


OTFCC 2004 script reading

Ironhide has no lines in the story (not technically appearing in it), but he does appear on the artwork advertising the script reading in the OTFCC 2004 convention booklet.



  • Ultra Magnus & Ironhide (Basic, 2004)
A redeco of the Generation 2 Go-Bot Motormouth, Ironhide transforms into a Ford F150 Flareside pickup truck. His truck deco is an obvious homage to the Generation One character Trailbreaker; this was likely one of many aborted attempts to get the character on shelves again stymied by trademark issues. He was only available in a Wal-Mart exclusive pack with Ultra Magnus.
This mold was also used the make Generation 2 Go-Bot Ironhide, Robots in Disguise Spy Changer Ironhide, and Universe Hoist.

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