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Even though he's now a ranking Autobot security officer, Ironhide is just a country boy at heart. Though his ability to encase his superstructure in a near-indestructible alloy meant he rose through the ranks in the military service quickly, he never quite lost the just-folks demeanor he picked up as a protoform in a rural prefecture of Cybertron. Now going to strange places, meeting strange mechanoids, and getting shot at by them, he still finds himself wide-eyed at some of the stranger things in the galaxy. He's got a mischievous streak, though his pranks often seem a bit crude to more cultured bots.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Corey Burton (English), Kaspar Eichel (German), Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)
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Autobot Cadets

Ironhide's young and Ratchet's old? Animated so crazy!

Ironhide fell in with Wasp from day one of boot camp, the both of them having high hopes for the Cybertron Elite Guard. The big, tall, strong, and young tough Autobot cadet was an early favorite of Sentinel Minor, who was duly impressed by his retractable armor. When resident screwup Bumblebee kept getting the unit more chores and exercises as punishment, he and Wasp took it upon themselves to let the little yellow Autobot know of their displeasure frequently and in no uncertain terms. Autoboot Camp

Tfa wist deadmagnus 01

Ironhide puts Magnus to bed.

Solar cycles later, Ironhide was stationed at the Autobot colonies on the galactic rim. He contacted Ultra Magnus and revealed the Decepticons had begun an uprising, destroying a space bridge in the process. Before he could reveal all the details however, his transmission was cut short by the attack. Mission Accomplished

Alongside Hot Shot, Red Alert and Brawn, he is under the command of Rodimus Prime. He battled a certain someone's team while guarding a space bridge. He was later incapacitated by Spittor's explosive gel. TransWarped

Attempting to arrest Longarm Prime following Sentinel Prime's encounter with Optimus whilst searching for Wasp, Ironhide came across a badly (perhaps fatally) damaged Ultra Magnus, who was able to tell Ironhide that his killer was the Decepticon Shockwave. Where Is Thy Sting?


  • Ironhide (Deluxe, 2010)

"Why am I orange?"

A repaint and retool of the Cybertron Mode Ratchet which was sold exclusively at Toys "R" Us stores by Hasbro. Ironhide transforms into a futuristic man-sized Cybertronian transport truck. In addition, he's orange instead of red. The Japanese variation is more chromed, but oddly features black colored weapons.


  • A Cartoon Network online game had mistakenly labeled Ironhide as a Decepticon. This had led to speculation that he was the traitor in "Autoboot Camp". However, it was revealed that Ironhide was not the traitor after all. Woops.
  • Despite his minor role in the series, he appears prominently on the Japanese intro.
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