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:''Ironhide is an [[Autobot]] from the [[Robots in Disguise]] [[continuity family]].
:''Ironhide is an [[Autobot]] from the [[Robots in Disguise]] [[continuity family]].
[[Image:Ironhide rid.jpg|thumb|250px|Yosemeite Sam decided to shave this week]]
[[Image:Ironhide rid.jpg|thumb|250px|Yosemite Sam decided to shave this week]]
'''Ironhide''' is an ornery southern cuss, but a completely different flavor than [[Ironhide (G1)|Ironhide]], are we clear?
'''Ironhide''' is an ornery southern cuss, but a completely different flavor than [[Ironhide (G1)|Ironhide]], are we clear?

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The name or term Ironhide refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ironhide (disambiguation).

Ironhide is an Autobot from the Robots in Disguise continuity family.
Ironhide rid

Yosemite Sam decided to shave this week

Ironhide is an ornery southern cuss, but a completely different flavor than Ironhide, are we clear?

He's been friends with Mirage a long time, despite them both being bull-headed types.

Japanese Name: Ox


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Michael McConnohie (USA), ??? (Japan)


Robots in Disguise

  • Ox (Spy Changer, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-
A redeco of the Generation 2 Go-Bots Motormouth mold, Ox transforms into a Ford F150 Flareside pickup truck. His windshield has heat-sensitive paint that reveals an Autobot insignia, in a method similar to the original rubsigns.
This mold was also used to make the Generation 2 incarnation of Generation 1 Ironhide and Universe Ironhide
  • Spy Changer Deluxe 6 Set (Multi-pack, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-011
All six Spy Changers were not only sold as individuals in Japan, but in a six-piece gift set as well.
  • Ox clear version (Spy Changer, 2000)
An exclusive redeco of Ox in clear-green and clear-orange plastics, this version was only available at Jusco stores in Japan, as a giveaway with purchase (of what, though, is unknown at this time).
  • Mirage & Ironhide (Basic, 2001)
Available only in a two-pack with Mirage, the Hasbro version of Ox adds more paint applications, mainly red in the truck bed. The heat-sensitive windshield insignia was replaced with metallic blue windshield paint and a normal Autobot insignia tampograph on the truck roof.
  • Ironhide (Spy Changer, 2002)
All six original Spy Changers were redecoed in colorless-clear plastics (keeping their normal paint applications, though), and released on individual cards through Kay-Bee Toys chains.
  • Ironhide (Tiny Tins, 2002)
The normal Hasbro version of Ironhide was released as part of the first assortment of Tiny Tins Transformers, coming with a carrying tin.
  • Super Ox (Spy Changer, 2003)
Long after the Robots in Disguise line ended in Japan, Takara put out individually-boxed redecoes of the Spy Changers. Ox was given a deep blue and white deco.
In each case of twelve Super Spy changers, two were all-clear-plastic versions (but keeping their paint applications). All six Spy Changers had a clear variant.
  • Ironhide (Spy Changer, 2003)
A second round of Kay-Bee-exclusive Spy Changers was released on individual cards. This time around, he was done in clear-blue, clear-orange and clear-colorless and lacking his cow-pattern deco (making him look not unlike a clear incarnation of Motormouth).
This exact toy was later re-released a Universe incarnation of Generation 1 Hoist.

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