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The name or term Ironhide refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ironhide (disambiguation).

Ironhide the Autobots' resident weapons specialist and Optimus Prime's old friend. He's probably had enough replacement parts to build a small army, but Ironhide doggedly refuses to roll over and die for anyone. He'll fight to the bitter end and take down more than his fair share of Decepticons in the process.

Ironhide doesn't always see eye to eye with Optimus, despite their friendship. He's perhaps the more practical of the two, and a little more trigger happy, so he can be more willing to push the Autobot code to the limit if he thinks it will get the job done faster.

He has more weapons than a smaller third-world country, and he may or may not have blown up a planet with said weapons. His various weapons systems range from machine guns to Gatling missile launchers to his trusty cannons. He has also given other Autobots weapon systems.

"You dare point a gun at ME!? Do you want a piece of ME!? I shall TEAR you APART!"
―Ironhide to Director Galloway at the NEST operations center [src]

Hungarian name: Acélfej ("Steel-head")
Chinese name (Taiwan): Tǐeh Pí (鐵皮, "Iron Hide" or "Iron Skin")


Defiance prequel comic[]

Before the war, Ironhide served as a Captain in the Cybertronian Defense Forces. In this role he seemed to serve a post between Lord Protector Megatron and Commander Starscream (see notes). He attended planetary security meetings and led ground troops against an invading alien species, but generally was uninvolved with rise of Optimus Prime and the betrayal of Megatron. Defiance issue 1 But hearing Megatron speak of conquest at the tower in Trypticon he couldn't reconcile these words with his own conscience. Defiance issue 3

He began to wander, looking for answers, and in his muddled state ended up inside the Autobots' defense perimeter under the guns of his own former troops. He convinced them of his peaceful intent and petitioned to join Optimus' group to defend the innocent. When the Nemesis began to take shape, Ironhide was the one who suggested refitting an older transport craft instead of spending the extra time to build a new ship from scratch. Defiance issue 4

Titan Magazines[]

"What's the first rule of soldiering?"
"Never leave a man behind."

During the war, Ironhide ran training missions for the younger Autobot recruits. These missions would often have the recruits thrown into the sharp end: one, involving Signal Flare, Strongarm and Skyblast, abruptly turned into a raid on a Decepticon base and rescuing a prisoner. He also developed skills at resisting psychic interrogation techniques. Transformers Comic issue 5

He would later be one of three Autobots who tried to prevent Megatron from reaching the All Spark. They hadn't, however, expected for Brawl to be demented enough to set off a foldspace warhead at pointblank range - a weapon that warped everyone to different parts of the galaxy. Transformers Comic issue 2

After spending some time planet-hopping, Ironhide detected Ratchet's homing signal and headed for it. En route, he was captured by an alien spacecraft, one that appeared to belong to immense entities that created the All Spark and wanted it back. Ironhide, shrugging off a psychic probe, worked out these entities were an illusion - the ship was a derelict that had been salvaged by a group of aquatic aliens who wanted to find & exploit the All Spark. Ironhide removed their ability to do so by taking the derelict's device that tracked down All Spark energy. While he then went on his way, he was left wondering what race had originally owned this vessel and what their connection to the All Spark was... Transformers Comic issue 5

After meeting up with Ratchet, the two began searching for Jazz. They found he was the prisoner of a living, predatory planet; Ironhide reasoned with the planet to let their friend go (i.e. shot it repeatedly with his slag-off great cannon) and they took him back to Cybertron with them. Transformers Comic issue 6

Movie TitanTransformers8 ScorpieIronhide1

Scorpinock attacking Ironhide

Following the Mission City battle, he worked with a US Special Forces team to track down Scorponok. The Decepticon led them into a trap and took control of Ironhide's motor functions, causing him to attack the humans. They attempted to fight back - oh, you know those sabot rounds that are supposed to harm Transformers? They had no effect. Luckily, one of the soldiers was able to sever Scorponok's connection before he killed them all, and Ironhide killed the Decepticon the old-fashioned way; brutally. Transformers Comic issue 8

In a reality where the Decepticons won, Ironhide was part of the Autobot resistance on Earth and was in contact with reinforcements from Cybertron. Transformers Comic issue 9 He and Ratchet were in a mission in Savannah, Georgia, the site of the Decepticon's cyberforming process. Transformers Comic issue 10 Using Payload disguises, they sneaked in and Ironhide worked out how to destroy the facility and save the planet, only to find Bonecrusher let them in to kill them! Transformers Comic issue 11Ironhide got the slag kicked out of him until Ratchet saved him, Transformers Comic issue 12

But he made up for it by keeping the Decepticons distracted while Ratchet finally took out the All Spark. Transformers Comic issue 13

He was stationed near a refugee shelter in Savannah following the liberation of America. When Decepticons attacked the shelter, a position with no strategic value, Ironhide suspected it was a trap—which it was, an attempt to keep the Autobots in a position where a manipulated NATO could kill them all. Transformers Comic issue 14 Ironhide showed annoyance that the humans couldn't see the Autobots were just trying to help, and he replied with a curt "fine" when he was ordered not to return fire on any human tanks. Transformers Comic issue 15

Alongside Longarm, he protected San Diego from a Decepticon raid, talking the younger Autobot through how to best drive off the attackers. Transformers Comic issue 16

Ghosts of Yesterday novel[]

Ghosts of Yesterday

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Ironhide was a member of the Autobot resistance forces led by Optimus Prime. Alongside Ratchet, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Arcee, Brawn and B-127, Ironhide fought against the onslaught of Decepticon forces under the command of Shockwave and Soundwave. When it became clear that the Autobots were overmatched, Prime ordered all of the Autobots to evacuate Cybertron.

Transformers (2007) movie[]

Voice actor: Jess Harnell (English); Katsuhiro Kitagawa (Japanese); Oliver Siebeck (German)

He's a different kind of tooth fairy. He's the one that knocks your teeth out so the other one can pay you for them

Responding to Bumblebee's call for assistance, Ironhide and the other Autobots under Optimus Prime's direct command came to Earth, with the old soldier landing in a suburban pool. As he climbed out of the water, a little human girl asked him if he was the tooth fairy before he quickly hid behind some trees when the child's parents exited the house. He scanned their GMC Topkick truck and transformed, leaving the residence. He linked up with Jazz and Ratchet, and they proceeded to the rendezvous point, where they met up with Optimus and Bumblebee. After meeting Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, Ironhide displayed an eagerness to show off his cannons, and made a classic Clint Eastwood impression to show it by saying "You feeling lucky, punk?" (which earned him an instant reproof from Optimus).

Movie Ironhide introduction

Ironhide introducing himself to Sam

Going to the Witwicky residence, Ironhide had some gross liquid released upon him by a "rodent" (actually Sam's chihuahua) named Mojo. Ironhide said "He's leaked lubricants all over my foot!" Then Sam said "He peed on you? Bad Mojo! BAD Mojo!" Ironhide then said "Yeah, BAD Mojo!" as he aimed his blasters at the dog. This unpleasant situation was made worse by Sam Witwicky's frantic refusal to shoot it. Ironhide relented, despite the fact that it could've caused rust. He also suggested terminating the parents, as they were interfering with Sam's search for Captain Witwicky's glasses. Ironhide says "The parents are very irritating." While Ratchet said "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Ironhide then said "Can I take them out?" Optimus reminded him that they didn't harm humans, what was with him, and scolded his weapons expert, to which Ironhide meekly responded "Well, I'm just saying that we could, it's an option."

Movie Ironhide threatens Mojo

Ironhide threatens Mojo.

After Sam, Mikaela and his parents were captured by Sector Seven, Ironhide got a real good chance to show off his cannons when he and the other Autobots totally outclassed the S7 agents by instantly disarming them of their weapons, then rescuing the boy and his girl. Unfortunately, their escape was to be short-lived, as Bumblebee was captured by the mysterious agents after saving Sam and Mikaela's lives. The next morning, when Optimus Prime was pondering their next move, Ironhide asked why they had to save the humans, prompting Prime to go into one of his long speeches about freedom and sacrifice, concluding that the humans need not pay for the mistakes of Cybertron-kind, and if need be, he would destroy the All Spark by fusing it with his own spark. Inspired by his words, Ironhide debated no further, and the Autobots set out for the location of the All Spark, Hoover Dam. Halfway there, to their surprise, they saw Bumblebee leading a convoy of Sector Seven assault vehicles, so Ironhide and the rest of the Autobots joined the unit.

Movie Ironhide shootground

Ironhide using his guns to propel himself

During the final battle at Mission City, Ironhide realized that the F-22 Raptor that appeared to be providing Captain Lennox's troops with air cover was in fact Starscream. Ordering the others to take cover, Ironhide and Bumblebee lifted a discarded truck full of Furby toys to protect the humans against Starscream's strafing run. It worked, but the explosion threw Ironhide back and crippled Bumblebee. Soon afterwards, Devastator attacked, forcing Ironhide to do several somersaults to avoid the Decepticon's missiles, thus totally scaring the crap out of a lady sitting in the middle of the street.

Movie IronhideLennox home

Ironhide towards the end of the movie

Ironhide and Ratchet took it upon themselves to protect Sam from Starscream and Blackout as he made his way to a rooftop where he could pass the All Spark to a military helicopter. Unfortunately, Starscream blocked off Sam's path, prompting the Autobot guardians to engage the more powerful Decepticon immediately. After taking several missiles in the gut, Ironhide implored Sam to keep running.

After the destruction of Megatron and the All Spark, Ironhide somberly cradled the body of the fallen Jazz while Ratchet informed Optimus Prime that there was nothing they could do. Ironhide then gave Captain Lennox a ride home and spent the remainder of the day observing Sam and Mikaela making out on the hood of Bumblebee, who was in vehicle mode. Transformers (film)

Revenge of the Fallen film[]

Voice actor: Jess Harnell (English)

Ironhide and Optimus fighting Demolisher

Ironhide goes to Shanghai with NEST to hunt down the Decepticons Demolishor and Sideways. After Sideswipe killed Sideways, he and Optimus engage Demolishor as Optimus shoots him in the head two times before Ironhide shot the giant Decepticon's wheel joints and tire, sending him flying off the highway bridge. Shortly after, he says "Punk-Ass Decepticon".

Ironhide and the other Autobots raced towards Optimus when they heard of Megatron's return. He arrived just as Optimus fell and allowed cover for Sam to escape the scene .


Following Optimus Prime's death, National Security Advisor Galloway being the jerk he is, ultimately shut down NEST and all of the Autobots operations pending further orders. Ironhide and his remaining comrades found themselves surrounded by Galloway's armed men, ready to fire. Ironhide, outraged and feeling threatened, was ready to break his oath to never harm a human, Ratchet stated "What is the meaning of this?" Ironhide states: "You dare point a gun at me? You want a piece of me? I will tear you apart!" and aimed his weapons back at them. Ratchet suggested to Ironhide, "We should leave this planet." Ironhide disagreed, saying: "That's not what Optimus would want."


Ironhide fighting with Ratchet during the Battle in Egypt

In the battle in Egypt, he and Arcee's team were sent as an advance team to recover Sam. Arcee's purple and pink components are shot by the Buffalo mine-protected vehicle Decepticon, and Ironhide returns fire while yelling at Sam to run. Ironhide makes it out of the Air Force's carpet bombardment and survives the battle (Just barely in one piece, though). Ironhide later attended Optimus Prime's resurrection by Sam's using of the Matrix, strangely undamaged. When The Fallen attacks Optimus to steal the Matrix, he knocks everyone down, except for Jetfire who remains standing with The Fallen's arrival. Ironhide is still getting up after The Fallen's departure. Jetfire, one of the Autobots urges Optimus to get up by shouting at him "Get up Prime!" Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon film[]

Voice actor: Jess Harnell (English)
"Class dismissed."
―Ironhide to Sideswipe, after defeating the Dreads


While inside the N.E.S.T base, Que equips him with a new 'Heavy Iron' rifle to replace his old cannons. When Director Mearing asks why Optimus Prime is refusing to speak, Ironhide explains that Optimus is "pissed" that information about the Ark was kept from them. Ironhide taps Optimus on his roof and tells him to make something of himself, which he does. He was also present when Optimus Prime revived Sentinel.


Ironhide facing off the rest of The Dreads

Later, when the Autobots are escorting Sentinel Prime to their base in Washington, Ironhide runs into a group of Decepticons called the Dreads. He rams them both head on, transforming and drawing his guns in mid air as the two Dreads shake off the pain of being bashed by the old Autobot. With the help of Sideswipe, Ironhide manages to defeat them, by shooting Crowbar in the head and stabbing Crankcase in the face with what looks like a spiked boom-stick, that Crankcase armed and threw at him after they dropped their weapons, and kicking him into an Auto-Repair shop, causing him to explode.


Sentinal shooting Ironhide with his Rust Gun.


Ironhide slowly rusts apart, before dying

Later though, back at base, Sentinel reveals his true plans about his deal with Megatron and shoots Ironhide in the back twice with his Cosmic Rust Gun, mortally wounding the Autobot. Ironhide, struggling to recover from the surprise blow, and asks Sentinel what he has done then Sentinel then explains that he has made a deal with the Decepticons, mainly Megatron, so that Cybertron can be rebuilt. Sentinel shoots Ironhide one more time, causing Ironhide to rust and break apart, dying there on the ground, Dark of the Moonalong with Skids and Mudflap. Dark of the Moon Adaptation

After the final battle in Chicago, Optimus executed Sentinel Prime by avenging Ironhide. Dark of the Moon

Alternate timeline[]

This is a potential future that may not necessarily following trilogy.

Age of Extinction[]

Ironhide appears on a card with a red X across it, showing he is an autobot who has been destroyed. He has no further mention in this movie.


Transformers The Game[]

Voice actor: Mark Ryan
"You don't care about of us do you Prime? Protect the humans, get the allspark, Autobots preserve life! ALL YOU REALLY CARE IS BEATING YOUR BROTHER!!!!"
Ironhide questioning or debating if Prime has a lack of emotion about Bumblebee's capture.

Autobot campaign[]

Ironhide arrived on Earth alongside the other Autobots upon Bumblebee's call. As Sector Seven forces closed in on them, Jazz was given the task of drawing the human authorities' attention away from the others. When Jazz soon found himself trapped by both human agents and Decepticons, Ironhide was sent to rescue him (without, Prime ordered him, another incident like that on Kaiba-5), a task that ended with his tangling with a Mixmaster unit in a construction lot.

A brief aside with Optimus Prime during the rescue revealed Ironhide's actions may have resulted in the destruction of a small planet at one point. Ironhide maintained that it was going to blow up anyway. Wondering how he became an Autobot in the first place.

In Mission City, Ironhide once again was called to the rescue, as Bumblebee was trapped by a massive swarm of Energon drones activated by the All Spark. Ironhide waded into the thick of them and destroyed every last one. Shortly afterwards, he responded to Jazz's S.O.S. call because he was being pinned down by Brawl... but was too late; the warrior had been killed by the evil Decepticon. Enraged at the death of his best friend, Ironhide engaged the tank, smashing through the backup drone-units before finally taking down Brawl himself. Transformers The Game

Decepticon campaign[]

As the Decepticons closed in on the All Spark within Mission City, Blackout was tasked with bringing down the mighty Ironhide. Ironhide's powerful cannons, force shielding and hordes of backup drones made this fight incredibly difficult for Blackout, but the mammoth Decepticon was finally able to take Ironhide out. Transformers The Game

Transformers Autobots/Decepticons[]

Decepticon campaign

As Brawl "Tears the City Apart" because of orders from Megatron, Ironhide attempts to kill Brawl. They get into a huge fight, both equally strong. But in the end Brawl fires one last devastating shot, leaving a robotic corpse lying in the center of Tranquility. Brawl's final words to Ironhide were, "Aww, you don't want to play no more?" Then Brawl took off, continuing to look for Bumblebee and/or Starscream. Ironhide is THE only boss in the game to have hints to attacks. He says many quotes like, "I've been ichin' for a fight!" (which he unleashes a volley of punches), "I'm sending you to the scrap heap" (upon which he jumps up and pounds the ground, immobilizing him for a few seconds), and "You're messing with the wrong Autobot!" (upon which he transforms and donuts, firing missiles the whole time). Transformers Autobots/Decepticons

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game[]

  • He is available in Generation1 Colors.
  • His primary weapons are two pulse cannons. His secondary weapons are alternating grenade launchers. His vehicle mode weapon is a grenade launcher. His vehicle mode is a black Topkick, which is red in his G1 Colors Ironhide form. His special ability launches a lock-on-missile launching turret.
Autobot campaign
  • Ironhide was sent to Shanghai to destroy Decepticon drones. He later went missing, causing Ratchet to find him.
Decepticon campaign
  • Ironhide was later killed by Long Haul as an example to Optimus Prime that the Decepticons had returned.

Dark of the Moon video game[]

Chapter II

Ironhide travels to Detroit, where the Decepticons have launched an assault, to assist Ratchet with the evacuation. He clears all the Decepticons in the city, he then receives a communique from Ratchet calling for help. Ironhide finds him in an abandoned factory in the clutches of Mixmaster. After a short bout, Ironhide traps the chemist in the basement of the factory. He recovers Ratchet and the two of them battle their way out, Ratchet traces Mixmaster to a scrap yard.

Now armed with "Heavy Iron 2.0" thanks to Wheeljack, he goes on alone. Mixmaster ambushes him and they battle again. Ironhide blasts Mixmaster's shields of and pins him down. He then finishes the Con' with a head shot while he says the epic line "THAT was for Ratchet. And THIS is for ME!".

Beast Wars Telemocha catalog comic (Japan)[]



Legends Class toys[]

  • Ironhide Vs. Desert Blackout (Legends "Allspark Battles" two-pack, 2008)
Ironhide Legends Class toys

Legend class Ironhide

An all-new Ironhide tooling that packs considerable accuracy into his small, simple design. Unlike the Voyager class toy, Legends Ironhide stores his cannons in the truck's bed. He comes with a desert scheme redeco of Legends class Blackout.
Amusingly, this version of Ironhide is the only American toy release that has full-length exhaust stacks. Also, there are many complaints about the fists sticking out of the back of the truck and the weird truck proportions.

Voyager Class toys[]

  • Ironhide (Voyager Class, 2007)
    • Japanese ID Number: MA-09
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
Movie Voyager Ironhide toy

Voyager class Ironhide

Ironhide transforms into a modified black 2006 GMC Topkick 4500 four-wheel drive pickup truck. Although Hasbro's official stock photos and early packaged samples featured two real-life accurate full length exhaust smokestacks behind the rear cabin, they have been slightly shortened for safety and durability reasons for the actual release of the toy. Otherwise, however, the vehicle mode is very accurate to the real prop truck... well, aside from the fact that Ironhide's massive missile launchers are quite visible underneath the vehicle. Despite rumors to the contrary, TakaraTomy's Japanese release of the toy features the same shortened smokestacks as the Hasbro version.
Ironhide features an Automorph gimmick in his legs during transformation: As the user swings down his feet, all of the panels that make up his legs automatically shift and fold into place. This gimmick does not affect Ironhide's articulation. Confusingly, the instructions omit the exact positioning of the roof panels and rear window on his back, though they can fold into a compact design for maximum articulation.
In robot mode, Ironhide is quite accurate to his CGI design, though obviously simplified for toy practicality. Contrary to appearances, he features full standard up-down and lateral shoulder articulation, as well as articulation in his elbows, hips and knees. His arm-mounted cannons are inactive while mounted on both arms. Of note, one peg is a standard peg (also Mini-Con compatible, guess he's friends with Longarm) while the other is slightly larger, thus the cannons are not switchable. However, detaching the left arm cannon and combining it with the right arm creates a huge functional missile launcher that is almost as big as Ironhide himself. The missile-launching mechanism itself isn't the typical spring-loaded button design, instead relying on a pressure-launch system to fire the missiles from the four barrels.
  • Offroad Ironhide (Voyager Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
Movie Voyager Offroad Ironhide

Offroad Voyager Ironhide

Released as part of the "Allspark Power" refresh of the Movie toyline, Offroad Ironhide is a fairly extensive redeco of Voyager class Ironhide in colors reminiscent of the Generation 2 Go-Bot Motormouth. As he's now made of several colors of plastic, he's no longer the most monochromatic toy in the Movie line.
  • Ironhide ("Premium Series" Voyager Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
Movie Ironhide PremiumVoyager toy

Another Voyager Class ironhide

Premium Ironhide is a redeco of the previous released Voyager class Ironhide, and a rather confused one at that. Though the Premium subline is meant to be redecos (and occasionally minor retools) of existing Movie toys in more Movie-accurate color schemes, Ironhide's vehicle mode ends up being less accurate than the initial release in an effort to make him appear less monochromatic and more obviously different to customers. Accurate changes include silver smokestacks, silver Road Armor winch and side turn signal detailing, but with them are several inaccurate deco additions including silver detailing to the rims, frosted windows, silver paint on the roof ridges and a large Autobot sigil tampographed onto the hood, and his light-piped eyes are painted over in All Spark blue (However, these indecencies can be easily remedied with a Que-tip (Q-tip) and a bottle of Nail polish remover).
Thankfully, in robot mode Ironhide is considerably more accurate as the original release's robot mode was missing much of his gold and gunmetal detailing colors. His large cannons are now molded in mostly black plastic, then painted metallic teal with gold detailing.

Fast Action Battlers[]

  • Cannon Blast Ironhide (Fast Action Battler, 2007)
    • Accessories: 1 missiles
Movie FAB Ironhide

Fast Action Battler's Ironhide

Part of the Fast Action Battlers line, "Cannon Blast" Ironhide is a simpler version of the larger toy, geared more towards the younger set who might find the big toy too complicated to transform. He still transforms into the customized GMC Topkick. He features a spring-loaded missile launcher in his left cannon. But, thanks to the simpler transformation, the hood and wheels trap his arms below the wheel. He can't punch or aim his cannon at all, and the elbows have no articulation but swiveling that knocks the arm off his body.
  • Pulse Cannon Ironhide (Fast Action Battler, 2008)
    • Accessories: 1 missiles
Movie FAB PulseCannon Ironhide

Pulse Cannon Ironhide

A redeco of the Fast Action Battler Ironhide, this version sports a silver and blue color scheme that is both a reversal of the "Offroad" Ironhide Voyager figure... and seemingly an homage to the Generation 2 Go-Bots version of Generation One Ironhide, a redeco of Motormouth (see above). Funky!

Cyber Slammers[]

  • Ironhide (Cyber Slammer, 2008)
Movie CyberSlammers Ironhide

Cyber Slammers Ironhide

Cyber Slammers Ironhide is an amazingly cute GMC Topkick that transforms into an amazingly cute trigger happy weapons specialist. 'Slam' his robot mode down into car mode and he rolls along, slowly transforming back up into robot mode. Like most Cyber Slammers, Ironhide manages to cram most of his vehicle mode's major details into a compact, super-deformed version of that mode. Interestingly enough, the figure has an asymmetrical face: One eye is the usual cyber slammer style, the other is "squinted".

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)[]

Voyager Class toys[]

  • Ironhide (Voyager, 2009)
The newest Ironhide figure features a more detailed transformation sculpt. He is updated as a special forces vehicle, complete with Autobot faction in a beret! Ooh la la!
There are two versions of the package: The missile is mounted in the weapon or not.
  • Recon Ironhide (Voyager, 2009)
This Ironhide an a retool and a remold of previous figures. His alternate mode sports a zebra-deco and a new front bumper. This version also boasts the most weaponry out of any Movie Ironhide and an uncommon to other toys faceplate . In addition to his standard cannons, he also comes equipped with a pair of rifles and a pair of combat knives which he can use in either alternate or robot mode. Those weapons can be used to upgrade the right cannon into a bayonet gun with a machine gun on top and the left one in to a crossbow. Why does he have so much gear? He's a weapon's specialist, duh!

Recon Ironhide

  • Ironhide (Deluxe, 2011)
This mold is a much smaller and compact version of Ironhide. He features a mini drone that attaches to his left arm. The drone seems to be very similar to Revenge of the Fallen video Game.

Titanium Series[]

  • Ironhide (3-inch Robot Masters, 2007)
Movie TitaniumRM Ironhide

Titanium Ironhide

Titanium Series Ironhide is a small, 3-inch-tall die-cast metal mini-statue of Ironhide's robot mode. He has swivel points at the shoulders and head, and comes with a clear plastic movie-style Autobot sigil stand.

Transformers (2010)[]

  • Ironhide (Deluxe, 2010)

Ironhide (2010

Part of the Hunt for the Decepticons line, this is a deluxe version of the figure that comes with a detachable drone that comes from the video game.

Dark of the Moon[]

  • Ironhide (Commander, 2011)
A smaller version of Ironhide released in first wave of the Cyberverse Commander line for Dark of the Moon. For a small figure, this Ironhide is very accurate, especially the head sculpt. It comes with his two signature cannons. On one of the cannons the missile cluster spins. The guns can also be attached in vehicle mode via the clip system.
  • Ironhide (Voyager, 2011)
This is a new Voyager class mold for Ironhide. His MechTech weapon is designed to look like one of his cannons, as such, he only comes with that gun, not another. when activated the cannon spins like a Mini-Gun.
  • Ironhide (Leader, 2011)

Leader Class Ironhide 2011

A long overdue Leader version of Ironhide, released in the second wave of leader figures for Dark of the Moon, he features lights and sounds. he has a two lines: "Weapons ready!" and "Ironhide here.". He doesn't feature his signature weapons, though he does have smaller and similar versions, these can be deployed in vehicle mode. He has a hidden cannon in his chest that can be activated by a lever on his crotch, when its pulled, the gun pops out a triggers the lights and sounds. He also has a hidden knife in one shin, and in the other he has a folding missile launcher, the launcher can be detached and he can hold it has pistol. he also has a foldaway face plate.



Ironhide Vs Bonecrusher Robot Heros

  • Ironhide vs. Bonecrusher (Robot Heroes 2-pack, 2007)
Part of the Robot Heroes line, this incarnation of Ironhide is an adorable soft-plastic PVC figurine in a chunky, "super-deformed" style. He has swivel points at the shoulders and neck. He came in a two-pack with the Decepticon Bonecrusher.

Ironhide Vs Dispensor Robot Heros

  • Ironhide vs. Dispensor (Robot Heroes 2-pack, 2008)
Part of the Robot Heroes line, this incarnation of Ironhide is an adorable soft-plastic PVC figurine in a chunky, "super-deformed" style in his "somersaulting" pose from the Mission City battle. He came in a two-pack with Dispensor.
  • Ironhide vs. Mixmaster
Part of the robot heroes line this incarnation of Ironhide has the same pose as the first

Bigger Toys[]

Movie MonroeTopkickIronhideEdition

The Ironhide truck

As reported at Edmunds and The Monroe Times, Monroe Truck Equipment, in association with Hasbro, released a GMC TopKick 4500 Ironhide special edition featuring most of the modifications made to the Ironhide vehicle props used in the movie, with the only difference being that the truck will retain its stock orange running lights (the movie used blue) and the large stock side view mirrors. You can find one of the ten built @IronhideIsBack

Sadly, installing a grumpy trigger-happy alien robot and deadly high-tech weaponry into the works is not part of the included modifications.


  • In the initial draft of the movie, Ironhide was not present among the Autobot cast. However, he would have been replaced by female Autobot Arcee in later drafts and the subsequent final script.
  • In the movie, Ironhide's guns alone have 10,000 CGI parts each. Yet this was somehow passed over in the Academy Awards for talking polar bears and shape shifting Daemons.
  • There is actually a large scar over Ironhide's right eye. Also, in some shots while he's in alt-mode, his right orange running light appears to have the same scarring.
  • While he was scaring the crap out of that girl, Ironhide is actually "winking" at her right before he left.
  • His left ankle appears to be broken when he is getting out of the pool, having a bit more give than the right.
  • According to the original previews for Revenge of the Fallen, a shot where Ironhide transforms and leaps onto Demolisher was meant to be added to assist Optimus to take down Demolisher rather than just follow them and watch to see what happens, but he did say that if you ignore your problems, they go away.
    • Closer examination of the finished movie reveals that Ironhide was indeed hanging on to Demolisher's lower wheel, and he blew it out — which eventually caused the giant Decepticon to fall over and crash.
  • It is possible that Ironhide's cannons are in fact, multiple weapons in one shell. In other words, he might be able to reconfigure his cannons to fire various types of rounds, given how those guns seem to be constantly transforming, as if Ironhide can't decide which round to fire.
  • In the first movie, if you look real closely after he exited the pool, he has a faceplate and his game model during cut scenes also has a faceplate.
  • In the Revenge of the Fallen game, after you kill someone online as Ironhide, he shouts "I am Ironhide!".
  • As Generation One Colors Ironhide in Xbox or PS3, he has yellow on his armor, but it goes somewhere because his vehicle form has only yellow lights.
  • Also, Ironhide's line "Do you feel lucky, punk?" is a reference to the film Dirty Harry. The was a similar reference made by a character named Stanley Yelnats, played by Shia LaBeouf in the movie Holes when he said to another character, "I feel lucky".
  • When Ironhide is killed in Dark of the Moon, he does not receive any mourning from the others like Jazz did in the first film. This is quite surprising, as Ironhide has remained to be one of the main Autobots throughout the series.
    • This is likely because his death scene was at a very pivotal moment in the story, and served to emphasize Sentinel's treachery; the connection that the audience likely felt with the character after he had survived two prior movies was more than enough for the impact to sink in. In contrast, Jazz's death was at a less pivotal moment in the story, and he had only been around for the duration of one film, back when there were only five known Autobots on Earth; he was also the only Autobot in the first film to die, and thus the writers could afford to bring attention to his death because of how few characters there were.

Concept art for Ironhide as he appears in DOTM.

  • In Dark of the Moon, he is also shown to have two high-power guns that sit on his back, replacing the ones he lost in Egypt, though they are never used in the movie due to him being told by the Dreads to drop them during their "Mexican standoff". They are used in the game, however, and are referred to as "Heavy Iron".
  • Ironhide's death suggests that the war on Cybertron involved chemical and/or biological warfare, as he was killed with cosmic rust.
  • Ironhide was quite sturdy and heavy, ramming the Dreads' head-on. Not only did he emerge from the collision completely unscathed, the Dreads lost their balance and needed to recover for a short time from the crash.
  • The third movie was the first time Ironhide was seen on screen in close quarters combat. All other times, he simply used his cannons to fight on the front lines.
  • Not surprisingly, in Dark of the Moon, Ironhide retains his integrated weapons alongside his Heavy Iron 2.0 MechTech rifles.
  • In the first film, when Mojo pees on his leg, he says it'll rust. In Dark of the Moon, it is referenced as he rusts away when he dies.
  • In the Dark of the Moon game, Ironhide seems to have fun in destroying cars and other things (not to mention two houses and a few million Decepticons). Optimus contacts him after some damage until he is so annoyed, that he simply tells him that he has to explain it to the human later. Ironhide didn't really seem to care.
  • Total on-screen transformations: Six.

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