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Ironhide is a young Autobot who has stars in his eyes and a boundless desire to prove himself. Sadly, he's just a dork. Sometimes, he's a technically clever dork, but a dork nonetheless.

He has a penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong times. Like when a friend dies.

Japanese name: Roadbuster
Hungarian name: Vasököl ("Iron-fist")[1]
Russian name: Bronevik (Броневик, "Armored Car")


Energon cartoon

Voice actor: Matt Hill (English), Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)

When I said anime, this is NOT what I meant FOR FREAKIN' GOD'S SAKE!!!!!.

The rookie of Team Prime, Ironhide had a major case of hero-worship toward both Optimus Prime and Hot Shot. He joined the team in the hopes of earning a Combination Spark.

Optimus Prime paired Ironhide with Kicker, in the hopes that the two would help to keep one another under control. Neither was very happy with the partnership at first, but eventually they became good friends.

Ironhide did manage to earn a Combination Spark after several battles, making him able to powerlink with Jetfire and later, Cliffjumper. Along with several other Autobots, Ironhide was reformatted into a new paint job to fight Unicron.

Ironhide underwent character growth due to the changes taking place in Scorponok, whom he looked up to initially. He would eventually lead a rookie team to their deaths against Scorponok, and nearly kill Scorponok in retaliation. In the end, he and Scorponok fought each other into a stasis. His life was saved when Scorponok carried his damaged body to Optimus Prime on Jungle Planet, in order to merge Ironhide's spark with Optimus Prime. He was restored to life afterward and was last seen with Kicker on Ocean Planet.

Energon comic

Sorry, Hot Shot, you've been replaced.

Ironhide once built WMDs for the Decepticons. So not only is he a dork, but a traitor too.


During the Unicron Singularity crisis, Ironhide served aboard the Autobot flagship Iron Hope. He was a member of Ultra Magnus' bridge crew, and briefly questioned Magnus' decision to leave the imperiled crew of the Spanner to their own devices. He was called into action during a Decepticon attack on the ship, and battled a number of Divebomb- and Insecticon-type Terrorcons alongside RipTide, Smokescreen and the Land Military Mini-Con Team. Force of Habit



"I clog shelves!"

  • Ironhide (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-04
    • Accessories: Missile
Ironhide transforms into a dorky blue Mazda Tribute, with a rather oversized red speaker/gun turret/high beam lights/thingamajig setup mounted on top. In robot mode, he is able to combine with most Autobot Deluxe and Mega size class toys, forming the top or bottom half of a super robot. In both modes, his turret fires a spring-loaded missile.
The Japanese release, named Roadbuster, had some minor deco and colour differences; most significantly, the tan plastic parts were replaced by grey, even though they remained tan in the Energon cartoon. The major functional difference between the two toys is that the Japanese version does not have electronics, while the US release does, with sound effects activated by launching the missile.
Ironhide became a major shelfwarmer during the Energon toy line's run, with some areas still having unsold Ironhides into 2006.


"I still clog shelves, but now I'm green!"

  • Energon Ironhide (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-24
    • Accessories: Missile, energon axe (crane & split-tire, Japanese release only)
This redeco of Ironhide was intended to be an homage to G1 Hound, with green replacing the blue and blue replacing the red. He also features an army star logo similar to Hound's.
The Japanese release, named "Roadbuster Wild", included an orange version of Strongarm's Energon Axe and, again, has no electronics.


"I clog secondhand store shelves!"

  • Ironhide (Happy Meal, 2004)
This toy was exclusive to the McDonald's restaurant chain in the Netherlands, Australia, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. He is a highly simplified version of the larger toy, with little to no articulation.
His torso is hollow and stores a translucent energon cube. When a button is pushed, his energon cube activates the coolest siren and laser sounds. His Energon cube is interchangeable with the cubes from the other McDonald's Energon toys.


"I wasn't released widely enough to clog anything!"

  • Ironhide (Built to Rule, 2004)


  • In Japan, Ironhide's Bio and Tech Spec function was listed as "Martial Artist" (武闘家). Uh... huh?


  1. Acélfej (Steel-head) on the Ultimate Battle DVD, but that translation is only used once from the three times his name is spoken.

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