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Ironfist is an Autobot Lightformer from the Generation One and Generation 2 portions of the Generation One continuity family.


For Ironfist, there is no greater work of art than an ingenious piece of weaponry. Others can have their metamorphic rock sculptures of unclothed human males or oil-based images of smiling females, but a tracer cannon that can take out a Decepticon battalion a hic away is all that Ironfist admires. Unsurprisingly, this Autobot gun nut gets into the thick of a battle, no matter what the terrain, so long as the action is fast and furious. However, Ironfist still finds the time to silently regard the weapons of war.


IDW Generation 1 continuity

Last Stand of the Wreckers

A mad scientist in the purest sense of Wheeljack. What else could you call the inventor of glass gas (cold phosphex), 'bot melting Gideon's Glue (mycopropolene), those crazy brain bullets (cerebrocentric ammunition), and even Optimus Prime's own rifle. He was truly a master of his art.

Ironfist lived and breathed for the Wreckers, he was literally a nerd when it came to them. He became obsessed after observing Impactor clear out a nest of Decepticon's single handed.

He went on to become an obsessive biographer of their tales. He personnally requested clearance from high command to have access to the records of their ooerational history, printing 323 separate data files on their exploits under the nom de plume Fisitron. Under this alias he became very famous among the Autobots.


Eventually, Ironfist became a member of the Wreckers, a chance given to him by Prowl. His friends Pyro, Guzzle and Rotorstorm were also unlisted into the unit. When Ultra Magnus's ship came out of Lighspeed to investigate a distress beacon, Ironfist was found blacked out in the meeting room. Iron fist became the Wreckers' weapon specialist. With the return of Impactor, they prepared for the liberation of the Garrus-9 prison from the renegade Decepticon, Overlord. Impactor was sent tohim so he could repair the arm he had lost in combat.

The new Wreckers were briefed on the mission that lay ahead, Ironfist dolled out his supply of innovative weapon systems to the others, giving Guzzle a weapon loaded with his infamous, Cerebro-Centric ammunition.

After battling their way onto the planet surface, the Unit found themselves split up. Ironfist found his way around with Pyro, Topspin, Veraty, and Perceptor. After engaging with Overlord once, the Autobots retreated as he set free all the Decepticon prisoners in the complex. Perceptor (took the lead, who quieted them to their primary target, the Aequitas supercomputer. To access the computer, a Spark needs to be willingly sacrificed. For a moment Pyro, Varety and Ironfist argue for a while about who should do it. Before long, a Topspin steps forward, unable to stand feeling the pain of his brother being tortured, he elected to end both of their suffering simultaneously. His Spark wuss harvested, and the computer came on-line.


They managed to find out where the others were being kept, just as the mass of murderous Decepticon mass they had been trying to evade began to break through the door. With really giving him a choice in the matter, Perceptor plugged Ironfist into the Aequitas and downloaded its content into his memory banks. The Autobit momentarily collapsed under the weight of all this new data as he tried to make sense of it all. Realizing they were tremendously outnumbered, Pyro decides to stay behind and cover Perceptor, Ironfist and Varety's retreat, he was soon overwhelmed and torn to pieces. On their way to rendezvous with Springer and Impactor, who were released by Kup and Guzzle with assistance from a Decepticon, Ironfist forms and plan and they stop off at the weapons bay.


Kup Guzzle, Impactor, and Springer try to hold their own against Overlord. Guzzle is soon torn in half and Inpactor is crushed under the Decepticons, moments rely being disabled. With Springer the only functioning not remaining, the others arrive just in time. Ironfist tosses Springer a chain gun, the Wrecker opens up on Overlord, peppering him with bullets. This does not effect him much though, he swings for Springer tearing off his face. Kicking Perceptor away, he turns to Ironfist. He reveals to the 'Con that what springer actually shot him with was hundreds of Deterrence Chips...he then proceeds to detonate them, tearing the armor off of Overlord leaving is inner armature smoldering However, this causes Ironfist to black out. Impactor finishes the Decepticon in one shot.


Though he survived the battle, On the Shuttle back to Cybertron, Ironfist died of a Mechanical Aneurism. Following an experiment that went wrong, one of his prototype Cerebro-Centric bullets lodged itself inside him, and for 18 months had been getting closer and closer to his Brain. Knowing this, Prowl pulled some strings with Springer. He managed to get Ironfist in the new unit being assembled so he could live his dream of being in the elite Wreckers.


Generation One

  • Ironfist (Lightformer, 1993)

G2 Ironfist toy.jpg

Ironfist transforms into a AM General M998 Humvee military off-road vehicle. Mounted on his roof is an ENORMOUS repeater cannon turret that can rotate 360° and pivot upwards at its base. This weapon uses a combination of the light-piping and gear-wheel gimmicks so that when you look through the "viewscope" and rapidly push the spring-loaded post at the rear of the turret, the gold cannon will slide back and forth, the grey 'ammo' drum on top will rotate while the view from the scope makes it look like twin beams of laser-fire are striking your selected target. The cannon turret has a fold-down stand to become a gun emplacement for Ironfist to man in robot mode.

Generation 2

  • Ironfist (Lightformer, 1994)
This release is identical to his 1993 release, but in Generation 2 packaging, and was on a blister card instead of in a box.


  • From the beginning of the Last Stand of the Wreckers there were nods to how Ironfist eventually dies. He has a bullet hole in his head, and he also has black outs. This is very reminiscent of real word illnesses suffered by humans, such as a Brain tumor.
  • is also similar to the man villain in the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough, who has a bullet lodged in his skull that is moving deeper and deeper in his brain slowly killing him.

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