The Iron Will was a large ship owned and piloted by Ultra Magnus in Transformers: Prime. It possesses great maneuverability thanks to its variable geometry, and is both well armored and well armed. It's roomy enough to accommodate a modest force of Autobots and has a formidable arsenal of weapons both large and small.


In the Great Exodus, Ultra Magnus has been searching for surviving Autobots in the universe. He managed to find them, but only to find them being killed by the hands of the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus' luck soon changed when he arrived on Earth.

While traveling, Magnus' ship have detected a massive energy surge which leads him to a strange planet Earth. There he found Team Prime and their human allies.

Planning a counterattack on the 'Cons, Ultra Magnus assumes command and provides Team Prime fresh weapons and ammunition inside his ship. He used his ship as part of a plan to banish the Predacon to the Arctic. He flew it to the Darkmount's fusion cannon control room and it flew off on auto-pilot until it was recalled to collect Magnus when Optimus Prime showed up to beat up Megatron.

He later flew to Scotland with Bulkhead and Wheeljack to pick up a Predacon bone. He soon learned that Miko had stowed away. When the Predacon showed up Magnus sent Miko to call for back up from his ship. When she reached the surface she found Starscream and two Vehicons exiting the ship. When Starscream removed the Apex Armor she grabbed it and used it to toss around the Decepticons.

Wheeljack later modified the engines to attain 10% more thrust.

After Cybertron was restored Wheeljack and Optimus borrowed the ship to Theta Scorpia to collect the AllSpark. As Optimus flew to retrieve the artifact the ship detected a plasma storm. Optimus returned to the ship with the AllSpark in time but an asteroid struck the ship before they set off. The damage was later revealed to have damaged the communication system. The ship could receive but could not transmit any communications but Optimus and Wheeljack were able to learn about Unicron's rebirth and his control of Megatron. When they returned Unicron lobbed a Dark Energon spear at Optimus, which missed and struck the ship's right engine causing it to crash landed to a wreck.


  • Ultra Magnus' ship's appearance is similar to a Assault Dropship from the StarCraft franchise and a Y-Wing from Star Wars
  • It is unknown if Ultra Magnus' ship could be repaired or if it's beyond repair to be of any use.
  • Ultra Magnus's ship was never named on the show. The name Iron Will comes from the reference book Transformers: The Art of Prime.
  • The name of the ship is similar to the name of Ultra Magnus' voice actor, Michael Ironside.
  • It is capable of faster-than-light travel.


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