This article is about the cool exec with a heart of steel. For the Autobot buried under England, see Man of Iron.

Iron Man is a human from the Generation One continuity family, and the Marvel portion of the Crossovers continuity.

Skywarp realizes pushing Iron Man down a flight of stairs requires a flight of stairs.

Iron Man, real name Anthony Edward Stark, appears to be the most sensible member of his species. While a normal, squishy human would be content to walk around vulnerable to attack, he has taken the surprisingly logical step of encasing himself in a metal suit carrying advanced weapons like a proper being.

He is not G.B. Blackrock.


IDW comics continuity

Iron Man, not content with being clad in a military-grade armored battlesuit capable of tackling tanks and fighter jets head-on, created an even bigger battlesuit to tackle Cybertronian threats. The new battlesuit proved quite the energy guzzler, and nearly expended all its reserves during the battle prior to being dangerously supercharged by an infusion from the internal reactors of the Autobots.

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Crossovers continuity

Working with Mr. Fantastic, using alien technology, Stark built transforming battlesuits for the most marketable of Earth's heroes. Being a control freak, the one he built for himself has an override system allowing him to take control of the rest.



Crossovers IronMan toy

Unfortunately, no booze bottle accessory.

  • Iron Man (Marvel, 2008)
    • Accessories: Two missiles
The Marvel Crossovers Iron Man transforms into a fighter jet of madeup-make, bearing more than a passing resemblance to an F-22 Raptor with a stubby nose cone and large/stretched wings, under-slung with non-firing missiles. Each wing is also equipped with a spring-loaded missile launcher, which can be mounted on the undersides of his robot-mode forearms.


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