The Iron Hope is an Autobot spaceship from the Timelines portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

It may be missing a lot of crew quarters, weapons, and docking bays, but the Iron Hope is the newest Autobot flagship. Originally designed for peaceful exploration purposes after the Powerlinx Battles, it was instead pressed into service to combat the threat of the Unicron Singularity.

Its crew includes:



Ultra Magnus was given command of the half-finished Iron Hope, and used it to launch the Eclipse, the Valiant, the Azusa, the Spanner, the DieCast, and the Longbow in search of lost Autobot colony worlds and their Cyber Planet Keys. The Iron Hope itself headed for Delta Crateris. En route, the Iron Hope was attacked by a small fleet of Decepticon warriors. As the individual Decepticons were too small for the ship's weaponry to target, the Iron Hope's crew was forced to fight them mano a mano. Force of Habit

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