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I'm a pacifist, but only to a point.

The Ion Blaster is Optimus Prime's primary weapon. Only used by the leader of the Autobots when all attempts at peace have failed, the ion blaster ensures that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and strikes fear in the sparks of the Decepticons who are foolish enough to challenge him.

Except Megatron. Only Primus knows how many times Optimus has shot Megatron and failed to kill him. Starscream knows that frustration all too well.



Replacement Laser Rifle hinges: hard to find.


Prime's Ion blaster as depicted in Prime cartoon

  • In the original toy and the original cartoon, Prime's weapon was referred to as a Laser Rifle, but many newer toys have called it an Ion Blaster.
  • One notable aspect of Optimus Prime's Generation One and Generation 2 toys is that the handle of his weapon was unable to fit in Prime's hand, and can only be held by the ammo casing. Also, the gun's rifle butt is too large to hold it straight, and must be held at an angle. Strangely, this has never been altered in reissuings.
  • Seemingly, when the Optimus Prime of IDW's comic continuity transforms, his Ion Blaster collapses into itself and is then thrown into his back, and subsequently his engine cab. So that is where it goes. Now if only we can figure out where the trailer goes...
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron classifies the Ion Blaster as a SMG (Submachine gun), probably because it is a fully automatic weapon. It appears to be slightly more accurate than the Neutron Assault Rifle and doesn't seem to run out of ammo as often. It is, however, slightly weaker, but it still has a higher rate of fire.
  • The Japanese-Exclusive Robot Masters toy packaging calls this weapon the "Convoy Gun". Wow, really original.
  • The Ion blaster reappears in the Dark of the Moon game as, you guessed it, Optimus Prime's primary weapon in both campaign and multiplayer. It is slightly stronger than its War for Cybertron counterpart. Also, the SMG' carried as the secondary weapon of the scout class are identical to the War for Cybertron Ion Blaster in terms of performance and damage output.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, Optimus Prime's Ion Blaster is now called a Path Blaster. It functions like a heavy pistol. A purchasable upgrade can add a cylindrical attachment to the barrel that will make the weapon resemble the original.