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Invasionauts II is a video game which involves destroying alien robots who Ratchet thinks resemble Autobots. The "Ultra Lux Special Invasionauts Edition" comes with 4D glasses. Also there is a prominent Decepticon insignia on the box, and the game includes secretly inserted code designed to hypnotise Raf Esquivel.


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When the game first came out, Raf excitedly went to Plug and Play in Jasper to pick up his copy. He then proceeded to play it for three hours straight with Bulkhead, until finally the secret programming kicked in. Sent into a trance-like state, Raf was instructed by the game to open the GroundBridge to a specific set of co-ordinates, allowing the Decepticons entry into Autobot Outpost Omega One. It wasn't until Miko noticed the Decepticon symbol on the Invasionauts IIbox that she and Jack worked out what had happened, and Miko aggressively disconnected the game console. Raf was subsequently able to reverse the code from the game to create a loop in the GroundBridge. When the crisis was averted, he opted to throw his game console in the trash, swearing off video games... for now, anyway.

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