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Some guys we never met before turn out to be some different guys we never met before.

Script: ?

Date of Performance: September 24(?), 2005


Note: This story is immediately preceded by Descent into Evil.

Flamewar awakens in the wake of her ship's destruction to find herself being held captive by a trio of Maximals. The three demand that she work as a double-agent for them against the Decepticon/Predacon Alliance. Flamewar refuses. Having determined that her loyalty can be counted on, the three shed their disguises to reveal that they are actually Predacon loyalists working for the criminal organization of Megatron, and the "interrogation" was a ruse perpetrated by Scourge. Flamewar has passed their tests, and they offer her a place in their ranks. She accepts.


  • Seriously. Who turned out to be what where when?

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