The Internet is one of the greatest technological innovations of the human race. Whether that is a good thing or not is a matter of personal opinion. The good things humans do with the internet is help research for information, earn money, yadayada. There are also many other things humans do with the internet, and many, many, of them are quite stupid and are a waste of time.

Just be careful what you put on it, as you may get attacked by a child molester...or the ultimate bad cop.

Jolt is addicted to the internet, along with music and TV.

Archaic name: Information Superhighway (1990s)


Transformers (film)

As part of his efforts to gain money to buy a car, Samuel James Witwicky tried to sell Archibald Amundsen Witwicky's equipment in an online auction, including his telescope, his compass, and (for some reason) his glasses. Barricade and Frenzy later tracked down Sam through his eBay page.

Later, when Sam met the Autobots, Jazz greeted Sam and Mikaela Banes as "little midgets". When Sam asked how Jazz could talk like that, Optimus Prime explained that they had learned Human languages through the World Wide Web. Transformers

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