Triple-I is a human organization in the Generation One continuity family.

Ay, I.I.I., ¡Canta y no llores!

The Intelligence and Information Institute, often called "Triple-I," is a top-secret branch of United States Government, charged with dealing with the threat posed by the Transformers on Earth.

Triple-I's headquarters is stationed in the Oregon foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Its director is Forrest Forsythe.


Marvel Comics continuity

Events from the Marvel UK comics appear in italics.


¡Donde esta la sacapuntas en la cocina, verdad!

In the wake of escalating Transformer activity in the Oregon region, Triple-I's director, Forrest Forsythe, put pressure on one of his top intelligence agents, Walter Barnett, to find a way to stop the rising panic coming from frightened citizens. Rock and Roll-Out! After another incident at a Brick Springhorn concert, Forsythe called Triple-I's board of directors into its Oregon headquarters for an emergency meeting. Though the meeting's special guest, industrialist G.B. Blackrock, warned them of the Transformers' otherworldly origin and their two distinct factions, his advice was ignored. Triple-I did not care about the facts, it cared about packaging the Transformers uprising in more palatable terms for the American public.


¡Cielito Lindo, los corazones!

That package was Robot-Master. A comic book writer for Marvel Comics named Donny Finkleberg was hired by Triple-I to play the part of Robot-Master, supervillain terrorist, and claim to control the Transformers. However, after a few broadcasts, Finkleberg was taken by the Decepticons. I, Robot-Master! The Decepticons planned to use Robot Master to make the public believe that the Autobots were no different from the Decepticons to prevent them from allying with each other.

Reporter Joy Meadows planned to uncover Robot Master as the sham he was. In order to prevent embarrassment to themselves, Triple-I created Centurion, a mindless robot that was to be linked to a replica of the control computer that had been developed by Professor Morris. They then kidnapped Morris and forced him to control Centurion with the intention of silencing Joy. However, Morris rebelled and sealed himself away with enough food for a year in the Centurion control room, which had been fortified to such an extent that Triple-I couldn’t force their way into it. He then caused Centurion to join forces with the Dinobots. Triple-I decided to abandon the Robot Master and Centurion projects and destroyed the evidence linking them to those activities. In The National Interest

After this setback occurred, Triple-I was assigned control of the Rapid Anti-robot Assault Team (or R.A.A.T.), a new organization created specifically for military combat with the Transformers. Barnett, Triple-I's liaison with R.A.A.T., sought out and hired Circuit Breaker to head it. Heavy Traffic!

When Grimlock took the Autobots away from the Earth, the Decepticons began a series of ever more brazen attacks. Triple-I came under increasing fire to prevent this, and Forsythe became ever more demanding on Barnett while still refusing to accept there were two Transformers factions. Eventually, he publicly threatened to execute the captive Throttlebots unless the attacks ceased—so the Decepticons launched some more. Triple-I carried out the execution, only to be forced to realise the existence of two factions when Ratbat personally led the Predacons in an assault on Triple-I's headquarters, wanting to check the execution had occurred. The humans were completely unable to fend off the robots, and Ratbat quite happily told Forsythe the truth about the Transformers' war, which just goes to show how big a threat he felt Triple-I and RAAT were. Toy Soldiers!

Forsythe and Barnett oversaw an attempted US Navy assault on the Decepticons' desert island base, but were stymied again when the Decepticons had a human hostage. The Desert Island of Space!

Triple-I was never seen again after this. The government was clearly unimpressed with their performance; RAAT was closed down and G.B. Blackrock and his Neo-Knights were given the task of handling Transformers incidents. The Human Factor! If Triple-I survived, there were likely a lot of people getting fired. In the end, they were just a load of incompetents who shouldn't have been in the security service. (Their legacy lives on!)


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