PartTimeHeroes Insta-adium

The Insta-adium is a revolution in sporting venue design. By dint of being inflatable, this sports stadium can be easily moved and erected wherever it is required. It can be inflated in less than a minute, creating an instant sports ground suitable for many sports. May not be suitable for baseball, football, Brash Ball, hockey, basketball, pole vaulting, or javelin. No refunds.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Part-Time Heroes"

Mayor Luskey purchased an Insta-adium for Griffin Rock with most of the town's money, planning to recoup the expense by luring the Brash Ball Big Bowl to the town and bringing in a massive amount of tourists. When the town's communication tower died, he demonstrated his purchase to the rescue team and explained his plan, though they were dubious of the Insta-adium's merits. The Brash Ball officials arrived to watch the town's team take part in an Inter-County Championship playoff, however the player's cleats perforated the floor of the Insta-adium. It rapidly began to take on water and sink, though the Rescue Team were able to get everyone out before it was consigned to the murky depths of the sea.

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