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One of the universals across all Transformers continuities has been the use of insignia to differentiate members of respective armies, and sometimes sub-factions within armies or even individuals.

Generation One


Pre-War Megatron Origin

The War Within

The Great War

Non-Cybertronian Insignia

Kiss Players

These symbols were used by the Sparkbots in Kiss Play Position.

Brazilian G1

These faction symbols were used in the Brazilian Estrela releases of the Microchange "Mini Car Robo" subline molds.

G.I. Joe Crossovers

Generation 2

Beast Era

Beast Wars

These symbols appeared on the walls of a transwarp shunt room used by Magmatron in IDW's Beast Wars: The Gathering. Although never explicitly stated, they apparently denote the original Predacon combiner team.

Beast Wars II

Beast Wars Neo

Beast Machines

Car Robots


Takara used this symbol to represent the Combatron (Decepticon in Robots in Disguise) sub-group in Car Robots — it's an upside-down Generation 2 Autobot symbol, which had been molded into the Black Convoy toy, a redeco of Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime. The Hasbro version removed them and used the traditional Decepticon symbol. Though it can be briefly seen in the anime, this symbol does not "exist" in the English version.

Unicron Trilogy




Live-action film continuity

For the 2007 movie, the Autobot and Decepticon factions were rendered in the steel gray seen below. Additionally- the Autobot and Decepticons were strongly associated with the colors blue and red, which led to the Autobot symbol appearing in blue in multiple media. Nonetheless, the 'official colors' of said symbols remains red and purple.


Shattered Glass

The alternate reality of the Shattered Glass timeline posits an army of evil Cybertronians united under the leering visage of a purple insignia badge... though probably not the one you were expecting.

Transformers Animated

Transformers Prime/Aligned


Unused concepts