Irwin will do anything for a story. Anything.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 287
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Marvel UK issue #287

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencils: Pete Knifton
Inks: Pete Venters
Letters: Stuart Bartlett

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans


Irwin is a not too successful journalist, hoping to one day find the "Man bites dog" story that will make his career. His column details how he came to be in this situation.

Irwin is being carried at the end of a rope by Springer and reaches Superion. Irwin swings inside at the foot level and Springer flies away just as Superion smashes a house. As Irwin starts to climb through Superion his column decides to start at the beginning.

Irwin had picked up a story on the police scanner about a giant robot running amok in upstate New York. He decided to check it out and couldn't believe his luck - some photographs and a write-up and he could name his own price. Then he was approached by Grimlock, Prowl and Springer who declared they wanted him.
Prowl explained that Superion is an Autobot, one of the good robots, and was only rampaging because Bombshell implanted a cerebro shell in his brain. As Superion is too strong to be subdued by force, the Autobots needed someone to remove the shell from the inside. And it was obvious who that "someone" was to be. Irwin asked what was in it for him and Prowl offered an exclusive interview with Grimlock. Irwin agreed.

Irwin continues to climb through Superion, thinking of getting a Pulitzer Prize or the cover of TIME magazine. This distracts him from the pain inflicted by internal defences Prowl forgot to tell him about.

Superion has now reached a town and Grimlock orders that if necessary they must destroy the giant. The three Autobots raise their weapons and Prowl shouts for Irwin to come on.

Just at that moment Irwin reaches the brain and pulls out the cerebro shell. Superion's personality reasserts itself and everyone is relieved. And Irwin realises this is a "Man bites dog" story!


  • Superion's cannon appears to be an extension of his right arm, rather than a separate weapon, and is not damaged when he punches his right first into the ground.

Items of note

  • Irwin's surname is not given in this issue, but it is revealed to be "Spoon" in "End of the Road!"


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Perchance to Dream".
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