Hun-Gurrr is a Decepticon Terrorcon in the Generation One continuity family.

My need to feed gives me the will to survive.

Hun-Gurrr is the leader of the Terrorcons and would be quite the model Decepticon and military strategist if he could just stop stuffing his two mouths. Hun-Gurrr is a terrible glutton, constantly filling his stomach with as much energy and materials as he can find. He only ever stops his insatiable feeding frenzies to fulfill his other desire: wanton destruction. In this capacity he is quite adept as a military leader, although his underlings are sometimes unable to understand his commands when Hun-Gurrr has stuffed his face(s) full of fallen Autobots.

Hun-Gurrr can combine with the other Terrorcons to form Abominus.

"Hun-Gurrr, hungry!"
Hun-Gurrr[[Money is Everything| [src]]]

Italian name: Grifobot
Japanese name: Hun-Gruu
French-Canadian name: Ogrrr
Hungarian name: Hurr-Kurr


Marvel Comics continuity

(Events from UK-only stories are in italics.)

Hun-Gurrr and the Terrorcons travelled to Nebulos with Scorponok, serving as his primary minions besides the Headmasters and Targetmasters. While battling the Autobots, Hun-Gurrr showed that even he won't eat some food when he caught Crosshairs's rocket-propelled grenades in his twin heads and then immediately spit them back out at his opponent. They eventually left Nebulos for Earth, and Hun-Gurrr was destroyed battling Starscream in the Underbase Saga.

In the post-movie future, it's Hun-Grr who points out to Soundwave that Cyclonus and Scourge are leaving in The Legacy of Unicron!, which leads to Soundwave taken command. Hun-Grr seems to go up in the world afterwards, as he's next seen in Space Pirates! sitting next to Soundwave and top generals such as Onslaught. In 2009, during the Time Wars! story, he and the Terrorcons are the ones carrying out Soundwave's important plan to ransack Earth and leech energy out of the planet itself, and who is taken back into 1989 with him. Hun-Grr shows more competence than the other Terrorcons here, forcing them stop attacking human settlements for fun when they should be working, He also reacts quickly when overhearing humans wondering where the Autobots were, announcing to them that the Autobots had been their advance guard, softening up the population for the kill.

Animated continuity

Voice actor: Stephen Keener, Marshall Efron (US), ??? (Japan)


Havin been banned from Chaar's all you can eat buffets, Hun-Gurrr contemplates eating his own hand.

Hun-Gurr and the rest of the Terrorcons were first encountered when Galvatron went to Unicron's head to acquire anti-electrons. During a fight with the Autobots, the Terrorcons did a decent job of fighting them, with Hun-Gurrr grabbing Rodimus Prime with his mouths. However, Grimlock created the Technobots, and Hun-Gurrr ordered the Terrorcons to merge into Abominus. The Technobots merged into Computron, but Abominus grabbed Computron. The Autobot combiner defeated Abominus by vibrating, forcing Abominus to separate back into his component Terrorcons. Grimlock's New Brain

Hun-Gurrr was one of the Primitives summoned to fight Tornadron. During the interaction with the Primitives, Hun-Gurrr picked fights with everyone for any possible reason. While stuck on the world of Primacron's assistant, Hun-Gurrr attempted to fight Tornadron by spitting chewed-up rocks at the energy being. This was actually not an entirely unreasonable tactic, given that Tornadron was plainly feeding off the energy weapons all of the other Primitives were using against him. It didn't work, though. Call of the Primitives

IDW comics continuity

Back before the war he fought for Megatron in illegal gladatorial deathmatches.

In the present, he's the president of the Official Sixshot Fanclub. He ran on a two fold platform: Sixshot rules, and more snacks at meetings. He was elected unanimously.


Generation 1

  • Hun-Gurrr (Terrorcon, 1987)
Team ID number: TR5
Japanese ID number: D-79


  • Hun-gurrr's character art shows that he has an aborted base mode. The toy is capable of assuming this mode, but it doesn't look like much of anything. It does explain why the toy has knees that otherwise would not be needed for transformation, a feature that is not shared by many Generation 1 toys.
  • Hun-Gurrr is not Hungarian.

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