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Insecticon is a swarming, Energon-devouring killing machine. Possibly a semi-sentient drone, certainly dull-witted, he is vicious and well-armed, without mercy toward any, and with loyalty only to his Decepticon masters who hold him in thrall.

There are lots of him.

Japanese name: Chrome Horn


Energon cartoon

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Energon comic



  • Insecticon (Basic Terrorcon, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-16
    • Accessories: Energon drill, energon cannon, Decepticon energon chip
Insecticon transforms into a robotic rhinoceros beetle. He comes with two energon weapon parts, a drill-sword and a spinning gatling-cannon. These two combine to form a large "Energy Drill" weapon that can be hand-held or mounted on Insecticon's insect-mode head.
A redeco of the Energy Drill came with the "Nightscream Rebirth" toy in Japan.


  • Chrome Horn Forest-Type (Basic, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-18
    • Accessories: Energon drill, energon cannon, Decepticon energon chip
A limited-release —but still regular retail— redeco of Insecticon in numerous shades of green was released in Japan. The packaging was largely unchanged, only a new bubble-front and a sticker to cover the original ID number were added.


  • Insecticon (Basic, 2005)
    • Accessories: Energon drill, energon cannon, Decepticon energon chip
Insecticon was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!.


  • Insecticon (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix ID number:TF04
Special:Recruit - 4/26 (15%) success ratio
Point Cost:10
Base Speed:4
Attack Type:Shooter (Small Missile)
Attacktix Insecticon is basically a support figure for the much more powerful Scorponok figure, whose Recruit special summons up to two Insecticons into play from back-ups. Insecticon also has a Recruit power, summoning another Insecticon into play from backups. This combination of powers replicates nicely the swarms of Terrorcons from the Energon cartoon. Insecticon hordes can be effectively reduced by Vector Prime's special power which removes up to two Insecticons from play.
Each Insecticon figure has four points of articulation; waist, head and shoulders. While the strength of Insecticon figures is in swarms, individual Insecticons can use their articulation to form an effective defensive tripod.


  • The Insecticon shown in Hasbro stock photography has a slightly different coloration than the final product, mainly the use of orange rather than brown plastics. Hasbro representatives noted at BotCon 2004 that they were considering making running change to Insecticon so this orange-limbed version could be released, but this never happened, similar to how the intended running change to Armada Wheeljack never came to be.

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