Injector has a self-esteem problem—he has too much self-esteem. Despite his freakish appearance, Injector is convinced that he's the handsomest thing on six legs. But his vain, foppish demeanor belies his true nature; his charisma, cunning, and sheer malevolence make him a lethal opponent. Like other Air Commanders of the past, Injector's vanity doesn't prevent him from being one of the deadliest air terrors of all.

Some people have suggested Injector only acts vain to hide his secret pain. Damn apologists.

Italian name: Terror Torpedo


IDW Beast Wars comics

Injector was among the protoforms remotely reprogrammed into Predacons by Magmatron. He was dispatched by Ravage to scan for Razorbeast's Maximals from the air. The Gathering #3 When Manterror discovered the fugitive Maximals, Injector battled Stinkbomb in the battle that ensued. After Magmatron was defeated, Injector presumably retreated with the rest of his comrades. The Gathering #4

Weeks later, Injector joined in on the all-out assault ordered by Ravage on Razorbeast's Maximals. When Rartorata showed up, Transquito noted the Angolmois-fueled newcomer's resemblance to Injector, but Injector refused to acknowledge it. The Ascending #3


Beast Wars


I'd hate to meet him in a dark alley at night.

  • Injector (Deluxe, 1998)
Injector is a red, black, and yellow lionfish-hornet Fuzor. He features a firing spring-loaded aquasting missile and pop-up spines. He was slightly redecoed to make Rartorarta.


  • Injector was originally going to be named Aquasting. This name showed up in the commercial advertising Injector's toy.
  • Injector is one of the most notorious peg-warmers of all time. To the days of Armada, Toys "R" Us shelves could still be found lined with schools (swarms?) of Injector figures.

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