Inhibitor claws are a technology in the Generation One continuity family.

The inhibitor claw is a form of restraint used by security and law enforcement forces on pre-war Cybertron. Given that many dissidents and criminals may have an abnormal configuration of limbs and many varied weapon systems, the claw is more effective than handcuffs or leg restraints. It is placed upon the chest of the combatant, and forces their weapons systems offline, also taking the fight out of them rather quickly and allowing further restraints to be placed more easily.


Marvel Comics continuity

Impactor was incapacitated with an inhibitor claw while being rudely introduced to the abilities of his new reinforcements Springer, Broadside and Sandstorm. Target: 2006

Dreamwave comics continuity

Nightbeat used an inhibitor claw to capture a Quintesson Seeker clone for study. The Age of Wrath, part 3

IDW comics continuity

Inhibitor claws were used extensively by the Autobot Security Forces in quelling the riot that happened during Megatron's rally at the Forge. Megatron Origin, part 3

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