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Inferno is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Inferno thinks he's a parrot.

Selected by Thrust to be his personal Mini-Con, Inferno has grown into the role of aiding his Decepticon partner. Inferno has become ever more enamored with the feeling of power that comes from being partnered with the respected veteran Decepticon, which has made him take on some of Thrust's arrogant characteristics. Swaggering among the other Mini-Cons and even Decepticons with a cocky attitude, Inferno sometimes hinders Thrust's schemes by making them too many enemies, too fast. Despite the liability represented by Inferno's boasting, Thrust still values his partnership with the capable and formidable Mini-Con.

Although small, Inferno is quite powerful in both robot and tank mode. His vehicle mode can launch high-explosive shells up to 7 miles away with pinpoint accuracy. Inferno also possesses limited cloaking capabilities, which he can pass on to a larger Transformer during Powerlinx along with increased speed and weaponry.

Japanese name: Thunder


Armada cartoon

Inferno's main appearance was when Thrust first selected him out of a group of other Mini-Cons to be his personal partner. However, Thrust was already invisible before Inferno joined him (in fact, Inferno also vanished after coming within a few feet of Thrust). This contradicts his bio, which state that powerlinking with Inferno is what causes Thrust to go into stealth mode.

Dreamwave comics continuity




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