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Inferno is one gung-ho robot, ready and willing to roll out into the thick of any action at the drop of a hat. If the mission is search and rescue he's one of the best bots to have around, but he's even happier when called on to fight. Nothing gets Inferno's circuits going like a one-on-one with a few Decepticon trouble makers. During his down time he can generally be found hanging out with Red Alert and trying his best to keep overly paranoid Red out of trouble.

He appears to have a relationship with the female Autobot Firestar.

Hebrew name: Lahavior (להביור, "Flamethrower")


Cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Walker Edmiston (English), Takurō Kitagawa (Japanese)
InsecticonSyndrome Inferno fires

Flashlights of Doom!

Inferno appeared without explanation one day as Optimus Prime explained their mission to stop the Insecticons from attacking the Nova Power Plant. He was the first to roll out on Prime's orders. During the battle at the power plant, the gun-slinging fire fighter stood by Jazz and shot down Laserbeak before they rushed off to rescue the human pilots of a downed helicopter. After the super-powered Insecticons crushed Wheeljack and electrocuted Ironhide, Inferno sprayed fire-retardant foam on Ironhide and loaded him into Prime's trailer as the Autobots retreated. Inferno later participated in the Autobot counterattack at Iron Mountain where he and the other Autobots were buried under tons of rock. Hound was heard to complain about Inferno ending up on his head whilst they were trapped. The Insecticon Syndrome

DinobotIsland Pt2 InfernospraysCowboys

Bonanza got a little weird near the end of the series

When the Dinobots accidentally set fire to Autobot headquarters, Inferno helped Red Alert douse the flames. Dinobot Island, Part 1 Later, Inferno did his part to preserve the sanctity of the timestream by spraying cowboys with fire retardant foam. had to be there. Dinobot Island, Part 2

AutoBerserk Inferno RedAlert friendship

Why can't I quit you?

Later, Inferno was ordered to guard over Red Alert as the Autobots repelled an attack by the Decepticons on the Negavator super weapon's bunker. Inferno, itching for a fight, abandoned Red Alert despite his paranoid friend's repeated requests for him to stay. Inferno rescued Red Alert when his friend was buried under rubble which had the unfortunate side-effect of damaging Red Alert's logic circuits to the point of overload. Inferno later proved his friendship to Red when he saved Red Alert from himself when the latter, in a state of paranoia, allied himself with Starscream and the Decepticons. Auto Berserk

Inferno was reunited with his old gal Firestar when he, Ironhide and Powerglide went to help Optimus Prime rescue Elita One. The Search for Alpha Trion

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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The Headmasters cartoon

Inferno appeared in a non-speaking role alongside Prowl, Jazz, and Ultra Magnus. A Dream is Born, Double Prime

Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Inferno joined Sandstorm and Broadside as part of a monitoring unit stationed on Earth to keep watch for the threat of super-Decepticon, Galvatron. Shortly after they arrived, the unit chased off the unrelated threat of a Furnacian Firebug, who had arrived on Earth and begun starting fires in human settlements. They exiled it to Mercury in a message pod. Firebug!

When Galvatron later resurfaced, the reconnaissance team sent a message to Cybertron and joined up with the Wreckers and Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad in confronting the time traveler. Unfortunately Galvatron had help (as if he needed it) in the form of Megatron. The Wreckers and Mayhems were torn to shreds, suffering greater than 50% losses. Time Wars Inferno was one of the few survivors who limped away from the final battle, cut off from any support from Cybertron. The remaining members of the Wreckers and Mayhems pooled resources as the Survivors, living on Earth separately from the planet's active Cybertronian armies. Survivors!

Inferno was present when Prowl and Grimlock were loading up their shuttles to go chase after Bludgeon and his gang of less-than-merry men. A Savage Circle He was later killed on the planet Klo and then reactivated by the power of the Last Autobot. End of the Road

In an alternate timeline, Inferno was one of seven remaining Autobots on Earth in the year 2009, fighting against Decepticon domination of the American continents. He survived the desperate attempt to prevent a nuclear attack by the rest of the world, and was last seen fighting against greater odds heroically, for all our freedoms. (He probably died immediately after that panel.) Rhythms of Darkness

Note: Inferno's US and UK timelines are more difficult to reconcile than most characters, primarily because of how the Survivors story blends from the main UK continuity (Time Wars) straight into the splinter continuity (Earthforce). He shows up totally unannounced on Cybertron after the war with Unicron, and never speaks.
Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

After a new squad of Mayhems came to Earth to execute their treacherous former members, the Survivors failed to stop the Decepticon named Bludgeon from killing Catilla. A Savage Place! After Carnivac ran off on his own to seek vengeance against the Mayhems, Inferno and the remaining Survivors hooked up with Grimlock's Earthforce in order to provide the Pretender some proper back-up. They then chose to stick around with Earthforce full time as an adjunct unit. Where Wolf? Inferno and the Survivors were later seen on the high seas, fighting off Starscream when he attempted to hijack an oil tanker. Divide and Conquer!

Later, Inferno was standing guard over the Mayhems they had captured when the Survivors first joined with Earthforce. Bludgeon, Octopunch and Stranglehold were being model prisoners. Very quiet...too quiet. As Inferno began to get unnerved by the silence, Stranglehold suddenly began pounding away at the floor like a madman, tearing it up while still they all remained totally silent. Not quite sure what else to do, Inferno turned off the energy bars and entered the cell to blast the prisoner with a pacifier ray. As soon as he did, though, Bludgeon's katana shot through his backside, summoned mentally from the storage room by its master's Metallikato discipline. Inferno blacked out as the three Pretenders casually sauntered out of their cell to freedom. Shut Up!

Marvel UK future timelines

In the alternate version of 2008, after Unicron's attack on Cybertron, Inferno and his good friend Smokescreen discovered Unicron's continued existence on the planet Junk, where he had enslaved the Junkions into rebuilding his body. Retreating to their ship to make contact with the rest of the Autobots, they ran afoul of the brainwashed Death's Head. Inferno was badly injured, but with their shuttle under attack by Cyclonus and Scourge in the skies over Cybertron, he was forced to hurl Smokescreen to safety through the front windscreen, so word of Unicron's survival could reach Rodimus Prime. Inferno's last act was to go out in a blaze of glory, crashing straight into the Decepticon ranks in the battle below. The Legacy of Unicron!

Generation 2

Inferno was working with a squad of Autobots trying to stop Jhiaxus's Cybertronians from committing genocide on planet Ethos. Most of his team took heavy fire and apparently died, though. Inferno himself was distraught at Smokescreen's death and broke ranks to hit more of the Cybertronians - as a result, he was crushed under a collapsing building the enemy brought down on top of him. Escalation!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Inferno and his good buddy Smokescreen joined up with Grimlock's Lightning Strike Coalition during the time of the Dark Ages. Some millennia later, after the Great Shutdown, Inferno was one of the first Autobots reactivated and brought around to the idea of a unified Cybertronian populace by Ultra Magnus and Shockwave. Joining Red Alert, Hoist, Grapple, Skids, and Perceptor, he became a charter member of the Autobot High Council, ruling alongside Shockwave in administrative matters while Ultra Magnus focused on more militant concerns. However, the lack of leadership experience by Inferno and most of his fellow council-beings led to them ceding more and more power to Shockwave over the years. They eventually came to their senses and joined in the insurrection against Shockwave led by Optimus Prime and the Ark's crew. Revelation

IDW comics continuity

MegsOrigin4 Grapple Inferno

Inferno discovers that your face really will stay that way

Inferno was attending to the fire damage and chaos caused by Megatron's opening assault on Kaon when a pleasure cruiser fell out of the sky on top of him, likely killing the Autobot fire fighter. Megatron Origin issue 4

Except he survived. During the following war on Cybertron, he was one of several Autobots Blaster would have trusted his life with. After Blaster returned to the Autobots after having been lost for millennia, Inferno was among Blaster's friends who took leave from their assignments to see "The Voice". However, after a second attempt on Blaster's life, Inferno was also one of the four Autobots under suspicion of the failed assassination. Fortunately the real (unwilling) culprit was caught, so Inferno and the others were cleared. Spotlight: Blaster


Generation One

G1 Inferno toy

Then he'll start the fire again.

  • Inferno (Autobot, 1985, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: C-10
    • Accessories: "Extinguisher Rifle", 2 fists (left & right), 3 missiles, 2 head nozzles
Inferno transforms into a Mitsubishi Fuso firetruck. Each of his forearms contains a spring-loaded missile launcher, so he can fire his own fists or silver missiles. He is usually depicted in media has having a missile/laser/nozzle in place of a hand on his right arm. He is also armed with a small black Extinguisher rifle.
In 2003, Inferno was re-released as part of Takara's Transformers Collection series. This time he featured tampographed Autobot symbol and blue eyes instead of yellow. These changes carried over to the Commemorative Series Inferno, Commemorative Series Grapple, and Hauler.
Later in the same year, he was released by Hasbro in the Toys "R" Us exclusive "Commemorative Series" line.
This mold was redecoed and partially retooled to make the Targetmaster Artfire, and Grapple.
  • Inferno with Hydro-Pack (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Hydro-Pack, "Magna-Blast Gun"
ActionMaster Inferno

Inferno's lack of transformation ability was compensated by a big orange thinhamajig.

A non-transforming action figure with a simplified design, Inferno came with a Hydro-Pack that could be attached to his back or transformed into a large hand held Laser weapon. He is compatible with all other Action Master weapons and vehicles.

Generation 2

  • Inferno (Autobot Hero, 1993)
    • Accessories: "Extinguisher Rifle", water cannon, 2 fists (left & right), 2 head nozzles
G2 Inferno toy

Hows anyone supposed to climb the ladder with this huge thing on my back?

For Generation 2, Inferno's original toy was re-used with virtually no deco changes, adding only the "Autobot" tampograph. His forearms were retooled to remove the spring-loaded launcher mechanism (the chromed missiles from the original releases were also dropped), but he came with a large red water-shooting cannon that clipped to his ladder. Said cannon rains pain.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Inferno (2007)
A 36-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Inferno "transforms" into a red fire truck. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Bonecrusher, albeit with some parts moved around to make him more fire truck-like.

Universe (2008)

Universe2008 Inferno

Having no ladder makes Inferno feel naked... and he likes it.

  • Inferno (Voyager, 2009)
Inferno transforms into a fire truck, as per usual. In lieu of a ladder, he packs a water cannon with spring-loaded projectile, similar to that of Energon Inferno. Interestingly enough, he is marketed as "G2 Series". The number 401 is tampographed on the front cab.



Inferno moonlights for easy cash.

  • Inferno's original toy, slightly modified, was knocked off and used as the titular giant robot in the Korean animated film Phoenix King (피닉스킹). Phoenix King was dubbed into English (horribly) and released by Joseph Lai's IFD Films and Arts Limited as Defenders of Space, which has been released on bargain-priced DVD by Digiview Entertainment. Scenes of "Inferno" from this movie were also incorporated into another film, Space Thunder Kids.
  • In the late 1990s, a knockoff of Generation 2 Inferno with some yellow parts was sold in discount stores on a card reading "Transformers: Generation 3."
  • The earliest pictured version of Action Master Inferno is largely different from the final version, but only upon close examination. The early version errs on the side of the original toy in color and design, while the final more closely follows the design of the animation model. Strangely, the early version has a nearly solid black block of a head (possibly to echo the ladder base in which the original's head was contained), as well as generally wider and chunky proportions.
  • Inferno was one of many Transformers to be cut out of The Transformers: The Movie. His scene was cut, but the credit for the character remained. In the original script, he only had one line. When Ultra Magnus was leaving Autobot City, Inferno said "Good luck Magnus".

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