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Inferno is the epitome of a professional Autobot soldier. Calm and composed on the battlefield, he is careful to consider the consequences of his actions, and his patience makes him a superb sniper, one of the best shots in Optimus Prime's team.

Japanese name: Inferno (firetruck body)/Inferno (V:) Volt (utility vehicle body)
Hungarian name: Golyózápor (meaning "Bullets")


Energon anime

Voice actor: Michael Daingerfield (English), Nobutoshi Kanna (Japanese)
E29 infernowaits

Soon after the defeat of Unicron and the reunification of Cybertron, Inferno was one of several Autobots who greeted the human delegation sent from Earth, managing to scare the crap out of a young Kicker.

Ten years later, Inferno was part of Optimus Prime's detachment of Autobots sent to investigate the mysterious attack on Mars and to help defend Earth. Landing on Mars, Inferno reported no signs of life in the aftermath of the attack. He then went on to Earth, where he helped take down several Terrorcons attacking Kicker before powerlinking with Hot Shot to destroy several more in quick succession. Cybertron City

As Terrorcon attacks on the Autobot installations increased, Inferno was given command of the new Cybertron City in the mountains, where he coordinated the defense against the latest attack before joining Ironhide in the aftermath of Scorponok's unsuccessful raid on Jungle City. Later, he was part of the Autobot detachment sent to reinforce Plain City, where upon arrival, he expressed surprise at the utter devastation that greeted them. Megatron Resurrected

After Megatron made his return known, Inferno oversaw the severely damaged Hot Shot's recovery in the energon regeneration tank. He defended the repair bay from Terrorcon Ravage drones until he was nearly overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Fortunately, Hot Shot recovered in time to help out his comrade, then together they confronted Megatron with the newly constructed copies of Megatron's sword. Megatron Raid

Energon InfernoImprisoned torture

After arriving on Iron Planet, Inferno was separated from the other Autobots and captured by Megatron. Under the uneasy watch of Starscream, Megatron repeatedly tortured Inferno by branding the Autobot's faction sigil with his magic Decepticon energies (similarly to how he branded Scorponok). Although Inferno was eventually rescued by Optimus Prime, a virus had been introduced into his system, over time turning him into a Decepticon. Improsoned Inferno Inferno wrestled with this virus as he accompanied the Autobots to Jungle Planet, unwillingly assisting the Decepticons in finding energon.

E32 infernovikingstyle

Strangely fitting

During a confrontation with Scorponok, Inferno appeared to overcome the virus and assert his true allegiance when Kicker urged him to keep fighting Bulkhead, but to ensure he would not betray his friends again, he sacrificed himself by diving into Alpha Quintesson's energon sun. Farewell Inferno


Inferno's spark was recovered, and he was reborn in a new, tamper-proof body under the name Roadblock. In his first mission rebuilt, Roadblock oversaw a flotilla of energon tower missiles sent by Dr. Brian Jones to attack Unicron's headless body. Omega Supreme

While recovering on the Miranda II from damage taken while attacking Unicron, Roadblock took to referring to his male nurse as Nurse Flare, causing Signal Flare to hotly insist that he was a medical assistant, not a nurse. He checked himself out of the medical bay early, and took part in protecting Alpha Q's planets from Unicron under Rodimus's command. Unicron Perishes

Energon comic

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EnergonInferno toy

Not the good ol' boy, but every bit as red.

  • Inferno (Deluxe, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-03
    • Accessories: Missile
Energon Inferno transforms into a Cybertronic water-cannon firetruck. His spring-loaded water cannon fires a blue projectile, and can also be turned and pivoted in several directions.
In robot mode, his large windowed chest is a small homage to Generation One Ironhide's appearance in The War Within. Inferno can Powerlinx with any compatible Deluxe-class or Mega-class Autobot, forming either the top or bottom of each combination.
The main differences between the Hasbro and Takara releases is the Hasbro version uses a darker silver plastic has several gold paint applications that the Japanese version lacks. This makes the Hasbro version marginally more accurate to his appearance in the cartoon.
  • Inferno (Built to Rule, 2005)
BTR EnergonInferno

Ready to save Legoland.

Built to Rule Inferno was originally designed as a Built to Rule toy of Armada Rollout, who was developed with a much more solid Trans-Skeleton with larger, blockier limbs, a design that was carried on to the true Energon Built to Rule construction sets. A pressure-launched water cannon was added onto the Rollout design to justify the change of character.
The Energon Built to Rule line only had a limited, test market release initially in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. The sets later filtered out into some "Tuesday Morning" chain stores at drastically dropped prices.


  • Inferno V: Volt (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-21
    • Acessories: Missile
SLInfernoVolt toy

I had some pain; now I'm a crane.

Like Generation One Grapple being a crane retool of Generation One Inferno, Inferno V is an extensive retool of Energon Inferno, replacing his front bumper, head, stabilizers and the entire water cannon structure with a new crane and cab. Like Grapple, Inferno V is colored mostly orange.
The Hasbro version of this toy represents the toy-bio continuity character Roadblock, who isn't a powered-up version of Inferno.


  • According to Rodimus' toy bio, he is Inferno's brother. Um. Sure! We'll buy that.

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