The incredibly tall rocket is a Decepticon operations center in the cartoon portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Seen here disguised as a typical rock formation, complete with typical booster rockets.

When the Decepticons detected a mysterious energy source in the rocky, mountainous desert, they parked an incredibly tall rocket among the peaks and used it as a temporary base while they investigated the energy source.

The rocket was camouflaged to resemble an absurdly steep mountain. It was here that Megatron created a perfect clone of Optimus Prime. Windcharger and Spike infiltrated the rocket, but Spike was captured, and Windcharger ejected. When the Autobots uncovered the Decepticon ruse, the Autobots attempted to storm the rocket, but it launched into the sky before they could reach it. As a parting gift, Megatron did see fit to toss Spike out the window. A Prime Problem

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