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This article is about the Mini-Con from Armada. For the Decepticon tiltrotor aircraft from the live-action movie continuity, see Incinerator (Movie).

Incinerator is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Incinerator is all about the speed, man. His goal is to be the fastest Mini-Con there is, and then be even faster. Sensitive about his light frame and physical weaknesses, Incinerator turned to his one major talent, high-speed racing, and ran with it (literally). Even the Decepticons' aerial warriors have a hard time keeping up with him.

If anyone suspects that Incinerator's quest for speed is an attempt to make up for his physical deficiencies, they only need hear him talk for five minutes to confirm it. Incinerator is clearly out to earn adulation and praise to feel better about himself, and any kind of negative comment can put him in a funk.

Japanese name: Turbo


Animated continuity

Dreamwave comics continuity

Incinerator was first seen aiding Mini-Con Village C52 against the Decepticons by activating the Four Shield Regulators. Of course these were absolutely useless as the Decepticons broke into the village and capture the Mini-Cons.



  • Blurr with Mini-Con Incinerator (Super-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MC-08
Incinerator transforms into a Cybertronic long-mosed drag racer. He is specially designed to fit in the rear section of Blurr's vehicle form, activating the bulk's third "flight" mode. Naturally, he was only available packaged with Blurr.
The Takara version of Incinerator has some slight deco differences from the Hasbro version, the most notable being his red windscreen as opposed to the Hasbro dark blue one, but his plastics are also slightly different shades, matching up with the Takara Blurr's colors.
This mold was also used to make Universe Roadhandler and Wrench.
In November of 2003, US Toys "R" Us stores had special bonus pack Max-Con (Deluxe) toys, which came with a single bonus Mini-Con attached to the card over their sticker, for less than the price as a normal Max-Con during Toys "R" Us' post-Thanksgiving-day sale. Like Sideways, Blurr/Incinerator could come with one of the Destruction Mini-Con Team members: Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, or Dualor.
  • Silverbolt with Turbo and Street Speed Micron (Multi-pack, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MS-
In Japan, The Blurr/Incinerator pairing was sold both individually and in a multi-pack with the Street Speed Mini-Con Team.

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