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Joy Meadows and the Dinobots are going to blow the whole Robot Master story wide open, but the Decepticons and Triple I don't want this to happen.


Joy Meadows is on a TV talk show announcing that she will expose the claims of Robot Master that he leads the Transformers for the sham that is. Meanwhile Triple-I are watching and decide that she must be silenced. At the same time, Professor Morris is standing trial for murder, when the courtroom is invaded by four armed men who kidnap Morris. He then finds out he has been captured by Triple-I to control their new mechanism, Centurion, in order to stop Joy wrecking their Robot Master scenario.

Meanwhile, back at the Ark, the Dinobots are bored, as they are confined to the Autobot base because their forms make them too conspicuous. Grimlock decides they need to go find some action, when Sludge rushes in and states that he's seen Joy on TV. The Dinobots go out to find Joy and are just in time to save her from an ambush laid by Triple-I. Grimlock tells Joy about the fights between the Autobots and Decepticons and works out that Robot Master is a puppet of the government. Joy sets up an interview with one of the Dinobots, and Swoop sets off to pick up her film crew.

The Decepticons (who are searching for Robot Master) pick up the signal, and Swoop gets involved in a fight with Megatron while picking up the film crew. Swoop is saved by the arrival of Centurion (controlled by Morris, who is disobeying Triple-I's orders and has sealed himself in the control room), but as Swoop flies off, he is hit by a homing beacon fired by a Triple-I employee. The signal from this leads the Decepticons to the Dinobots' location.

Centurion arrives as the Dinobots are getting defeated and attacks the Decepticons, bringing the battle back into the balance. Soundwave takes the recordings from the film crew and destroys them, threatening the humans with an unpleasant fate if they ever try to compile further evidence. The Decepticons leave, and the Dinobots lick their wounds.

Meanwhile, Morris decides that he is going to bury Triple-I once and for all.


Writer: Simon Furman
Art/Pencils: Will Simpson
Inks: Dave Hine (#75), Tim Perkins (#76)
Art assist: Andrew Leary (#76)
Colours: John Burns, Gina Hart (#76), Tony Jozwiak (#77)
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Originally published: August 16, 1986 – September 6 1986

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


  • The Dinobots complain that they're confined to the Ark by the other Autobots because their dino modes make them look conspicuous. This appears to reference the U.S. version of the dialogue in "Command Performances", where the Dinobots' absence in recent stories is explained the same way. However, the UK version of "Command Performances" actually has altered dialogue that purposefully ignores that explanation, since the Dinobots had previously been focused on in several UK stories, and thus, no explanation of an absence was needed. So basically, this issue of the UK comic adopts a plot point from the U.S. comic that the UK comic previously chose to ignore.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Robot Master, Shockwave (both on video)
  • "OOH, 'ECK! DECEPTICONS!" Slag has the campest warning ever.
  • Centurion would then hang around with the Dinobots for a while before being destroyed by Galvatron. The Dinobots must have liked him, because Grimlock ordered Wheeljack to rebuild him ahead of other Autobots when Grimlock became leader.
  • Reprinted as part of IDW's Best of UK: Dinobots.

UK printing

  • Issue #74 contains the back-up strips: Hercules — "For the Love of Gods" Part 1 and Robo-Capers (A special edition, revealing the new host of the letters page — Grimlock, guest written by Simon Furman.)

Covers (4)

  • Issue #74: Grimlock, Sludge and Slag burst through the cover by Alister Pearson.
  • Issue #75: While Megatron is about to destroy Swoop, Centurion looms up behind him by John Stokes.
  • Issue #76: Swoop carries off the LCTV van by David Hine.
  • Issue #77: Composite of the story's major players by Phil Gascoine.


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