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Impulsor is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


The youngest member of the Hazard Mini-Con Team, Impulsor lives up to his name. He's always itching and eager for action, and tends to act before he thinks. He's very much the polar opposite personality to his teammate Quench, but despite this they seem to get along very well.


Micron Legend: Linkage Mini-Comics

Impulsor's Mini-Con storage panel was one of several that were stored within Redline's chest compartment. Before Redline underwent the Master Key process to unlock his full potential, he entrusted the remaining two panels he held to Stella Holley. When the Unicron minion Ravenus attacked and made off with Twirl, Stella activated the two panels, realizing they needed more help, releasing Impulsor and his teammate Quench. The two were quickly joined by their leader Kingbolt, and the Hazard Mini-Con Team was back in action!

Lucky Mini-Con.

Impulsor tried to prevent the captured Aqua Raider Team from escaping, but their trans-phase mode "energy" forms were completely unaffected by his shots. He and Quench gave chase, but were called off since Redline had accomplished his task and neutralized the evil Mini-Cons' primary weapon, the Doomstone.

When the Mini-Cons on Earth gathered in order to meet up with their comrades under the care of the Autobots for their return to Cybertron, Impulsor gave Stella a great big hug. Which she took rather gracefully, really, considering she barely knew him. A hug Quench apparently got a little envious over.

The Hazard Team reunited, they faced off against the forces of their creator Unicron high over Cybertron. His teammates Powerlinxed with Overload, but Impulsor was not seen. It's possible he helped form the gigantic Mini-Con-powered "anti" Unicron. Impulsor's fate after the battle is unknown, but it's highly likely he's okay.



  • Impulsor (DVD pack-in, 2004)
A redeco of the Emergency Mini-Con Team member Makeshift, Impulsor transforms into a twin-rotor helicopter similar to an Osprey. He also has a third weapon mode, forming a "gatling" cannon with twin rotating barrels. He was only available with Volume Twelve of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD series.
This mold was also used to make Bulge, Rotor and Scythe.
  • Impulsor (Mini-Con, 2004)
A special, more-bright-red-colored version of each of the Hazard Mini-Con Team members was made available as individual contest prizes, though the nature of the contest is currently unknown.

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