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Impactor is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Impactor is the leader of the Wreckers, an elite Autobot strike team, and as such is a deadly force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Though he is dedicated to his troops, he is not so dedicated to his superiors, and is not above directly insulting them. Emirate Xaaron, who assembled the Wreckers long ago to assassinate the Decepticon warlord Trannis, takes this attitude in stride, and can give as well as he receives. Impactor refers to the Autobot resistance leader as a "wily old buzzard," as he is often surprised by Xaaron's blunt yet indirect ways of making his point and getting what he wants. Despite this, their difficulties mask a genuine friendship.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

After the leave of Optimus Prime, Megatron and their troops from the war, Emirate Xaaron assembled the Wreckers to assassinate the warlord Trannis who came into power in Megatron's absence. Impactor was chosen to lead this team. Though the assassination attempt was successful, other leaders quickly sprung up to take Trannis' place.


Wait, he has an ankle holster on his right leg? How..?

Countless of years later, after Optimus Prime and his Autobots had awoken on Earth, Impactor and the Wreckers were responsible for executing Operation: Volcano, a planned ambush of the Decepticons' fiercest warriors using Xaaron as bait. Ultra Magnus was assigned to the Wreckers to help them bolster their ranks for the mission, but he was quickly needed to travel to Earth to investigate the disappearance of Optimus Prime. Impactor's commitment to the mission wavered and he at first refused to deploy his team without Magnus there as back-up, but he changed his mind after learning a lesson about perseverance while at Macaddam's. Impactor's doubts were further quelled when Xaaron convinced him that Springer, Broadside, and Sandstorm were an adequate replacement for Magnus, which Xaaron accomplished by having them disguise themselves as Decepticons and beat Impactor up. Operation: Volcano was once again on track.

Xaaron, the bait for the Wreckers' trap, was placed according to plan, but suddenly Megatron called his warriors to Earth, overriding all other commands, including the planned ambush on Xaaron. Disappointed that their trap was ruined, the Wreckers let down their guard long enough to allow an assassin named Macabre, ignoring Megatron's orders, to fire upon Xaaron. Impactor was the first to react and pushed Xaaron out of the way, taking the shots meant for the Autobot underground resistance leader. Immediately, the other Wreckers turned and fired upon Macabre, killing him, but Impactor was fatally wounded. With his last words he named Springer the next leader of the Wreckers before dying in Xaaron's arms, again calling him a "wily old buzzard." Target 2006



Springer was severely affected by Impactor's death, and felt inadequate in the shadow of his legacy. So when a rogue Autobot scientist named Flame discovered a way to reanimate dead Transformers, Springer was crippled from action when he was met with the reanimated corpse of Impactor. Legion of the Lost! His route to the kidnapped Wreckers and Xaaron blocked, he reluctantly fought his predecessor until Springer managed to jar Impactor into remembering his past life. Impactor sacrificed his life again when he stopped Flame's reactors from destroying Cybertron. Springer took over as leader of the Wreckers after Impactor's death. Meltdown!

War For Cybertron Trilogy

The Decepticons get into position. Impactor, Spinister, Barricade, and Skytread all check in as they set a trap for the Autobots and attack. Impactor watches from above as they take the bait. He shoots the energon, severely injuring Cog. Optimus restrains Impactor, though only momentarily. Optimus then shoots a Seeker out of the sky, causing it to crash into a nearby building, which in turn causes the building to collapse on top of Impactor and the Decepticons. This allows the Autobots to escape. Episode 2

While scouring the ground, Ratchet finds Impactor buried under the rubble. Barely alive. He tells Ratchet that if he’s come to kill him then he’s too late. However, Ratchet patches Impactor up and saves his life. So, when the Autobots come to the clinic in search of Ratchet's help to find the AllSpark, Impactor joins them. Long before he swore an oath to the Decepticons, he swore an oath to protect the people of Cybertron.

Before going inside the Autobot Command, Elita One demands that Impactor’s comm is deactivated. Ratchet argues in defense of Impactor, however, he’s willing to remove it if it means saving Cybertron. Episode 3

Ratchet gives Red Alert a hand in the infirmary. Impactor looks around and can’t believe that so many bots have been killed at Megatron’s command.

Impactor, Sideswipe, Chromia, Ratchet, and Mirage go to the Spacebridge. They’ll have 20 Astro-cycles to get in and repair it before the patrols circle back around. They work to get the Spacebridge up and running. Unfortunately, they are spotted by the patrol. Impactor saves Ratchet from the gunfire, using his body as a shield. Chromia manages to take out all three Seekers. Episode 4

Ratchet and Impactor have restored the Spacebridge. Mirage and Chromia join them. Sideswipe watches from above for Decepticons. Once the bridge is activated, it will draw the attention of every Seeker in the area. They start the Spacebridge to ensure that it works, which it does, attracting Seekers in the process. Mirage manages to use his cloaking ability to hide the Spacebridge from the incoming Seekers. Episode 5

Sideswipe, Chromia, Ratchet, and Impactor hold off the Seekers for as long as they can. Optimus tells Ratchet, who is under fire, to activate the Spacebridge. Ratchet is nearly hit by the Seekers, but Impactor jumps in front of him. Again, using his body as a shield. Ratchet actives the Spacebridge and checks on Impactor, who, with his dying breath, thanks Ratchet for showing him the light. Episode 6


  • According to Dreadwind in issue #221's letters page, Impactor transformed into an "earth-boring vehicle". In the letter page to issue #238, Survival Run, Dreadwind clarified that he transformed into a drill tank but didn't have an earth mode.

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