Illinois is a territory of the United States of America, classified as a state. Notable locations include Chicago.


Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest United States. Like all cornfed Midwesterners, it possesses notably big shoulders.

Armada Panini comics

Starscream deliberately shot down an aging satellite so that it would crash into Chicago, hoping to lure the nearby Air Defense Mini-Con Team out of hiding to perform a rescue. He was successful, and once again, the city was saved. Devices and Desires!

IDW comics

The Autobot counter-infiltration team on Earth parked their spaceship, the Ark-19, beneath the waters of Lake Michigan, a few miles northwest of Chicago. Infiltration issue 3 When the Autobots discovered that their security had been compromised by the Machination, they were compelled to relocate the ship. Devastation issue 1


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