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Ikard is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II era of Generation One continuity family.

He transforms into a blue M&M.

Born Ikard October Barks, he is Scuba's cousin. Ikard is possibly the only other Transformer that Scuba trusts with his personal secrets. They are like brothers. He plays an important role in the Cybertronian war; delivering essential cargo to Maximals stationed far off in the galaxy. It was Ikard who delivered the near unstoppable weapon, the Tako Tank, to his cousin Scuba. Ikard is also considered quite intelligent and is a well-known historian.

So yeah, he's basically a FedEx guy, all things considered.


Beast Wars II and NeoEdit

Voice actor: Ryō Naitō (Japan)

Beast Wars II mangaEdit

IDW Beast Wars comicsEdit

Ikard is apparently a go-between for Big Convoy and the Maximal's an IMPORTANT FedEx guy. The Ascending (issue 2)


Beast Wars IIEdit

  • Ikard with Tako Tank
Japanese ID number: X-5

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