This article is about the Decepticon who does not transform into an iguana. For the Predacon who may or may not be the same guy and also does not transform into an iguana, see Iguanus (BW).

Iguanus practices self-love -- specifically, his love for his outer shell. He has become obsessively fascinated by reptiles since becoming a Pretender, and can often be found mooning over his shell whenever he has a spare moment. He has even convinced himself that he has a special rapport with lizards and other scaly creatures. Iguanus often wonders if he could somehow become even closer to the reptiles than he already is. If only there was some way to combine Beast and 'Bot, and keep the action hot...


Marvel Comics

After commandeering a genetics research lab on Earth, Scorponok was able to recreate and perfect the science of Pretender shells using synthoplasmic chambers constructed by him and Vorath. Iguanus was one of six Decepticon volunteers transformed by the process into new Pretenders. Pretender to the Throne!

...does whatever a spider can!

Following the destruction of their mobile starship headquarters, the Decepticons established a new base hidden under the New Jersey dumps. Shortly thereafter, Iguanus was chosen by Scorponok to spearhead a new energy-collecting endeavor by him and his fellow Pretenders. Installing a stormmaker station in the New Jersey swamps, they engineered a massive storm over the surrounding area, then wired then island of Manhattan in order to collect energy for them. Iguanus's task was to attach an electrostator to the top of the Empire State Building when the storm reached critical intensity, channeling and amplifying the electricity down through the building and out through the wired intrastructure of the island, feeding the Decepticons' conductors and destroying half the city in the process. The Pretenders quickly ran into trouble at the stormmaker station, where they were confronted by the Autobot Micromasters. After a brief skirmish, Iguanus left Skullgrin to deal with them while he proceeded on to the Empire State Building. He ran into even more Micromasters while climbing the building, though, and their leader Roadhandler blasted the electrostator off the building's antenna just before the lightning strike. Iguanus leapt off the building in a desperate attempt to replace the electrostator, only to take the full lightning force into himself on contact with the device, tearing his body apart and leaving the Decepticons with no accumulated energy. King 'Con!

Surprisingly, he was up and about again really quickly, escorting Scorponok to MacDill Airforce Base to deal with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. The Resurrection Gambit! He was later seen cowering in terror when Unicron attacked Cybertron. On the Edge of Extinction!

IDW comics continuity

"I wanna go home, Johnny! I wanna drive my Chevy!"
"Why? I can't find your fraggin' legs! I can't find your legs!"

Iguanus was a member of the "Proto-Pretenders" cult gathered in secret by Bludgeon. Using knowledge of the Regenesis project Bludgeon had procured from Shockwave's files, they concocted a plan to utilize the Ultra-Energon to revitalize Thunderwing and his bio-mechanical grafting process for themselves. When Soundwave tried to stop them from proceeding with their mad plan, Iguanus used an experimental weapon Shockwave had developed which locked Soundwave into his alternate mode. Spotlight: Soundwave

After raiding Earth for Ultra-Energon, they spent nearly twenty years in seclusion on Cybertron to revive the awesomely powerful Decepticon scientist under their control, and perfect the bio-carapaces so that they could be used safely. Stormbringer issue 1 Unfortunately, their timetable was accelerated uncontrollably when first the Autobot crew of the Calabi-Yau and later Optimus Prime and the Wreckers interrupted their work. When the Wreckers besieged their compound, Iguanus retreated to find Bludgeon and warn him of the assault, only to find his leader had jumped the gun and undergone the grafting before it was ready. He dismembered Iguanus before collapsing into madness. When the Autobots arrived in the chamber, Iguanus reached out to Optimus Prime, who dropped his weapon and offered comfort to the dying Decepticon. Iguanus tried to explain what had happened before expiring from his wounds, Optimus then considered that Bludgeon got off lightly by comparison. Stormbringer issue 3


Generation One

  • Iguanus (Pretender, 1988)
    • Accessories: "Hurricane Blaster", belt, wheels/blades

Reptilesssss shall inherit the earth, Spider-Man!

Iguanus transforms into a Cybertronic recon bike. His rather cost effectively-designed wheels are fake, are hollow on top and are both part of a single strut that attaches to the bottom of the bike. As such, he has no rolling wheels in this mode. His Hurricane blaster mounts on the rear of the bike, which is also his torso mid-section, so he has a giant gaping hole there in robot mode. His outer Pretender Shell is a giant bipedal iguana with an slightly articulated lizard tail extending from his spine. He is armed with the detachable wheelbase, which acts as some kind of blade weapon or something, and the Hurricane blaster.

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