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This article is about the Predacon who does not transform into an iguana. For his Decepticon namesake who may or may not be the same guy and is also not an iguana, see Iguanus (G1).

Iguanus's specialty is combat sabotage. He uses this cunning skill to thwart his enemies' advances. He's been known to say cool things like, "The shortest path between two Maximal points is a heat-seeking missile." Iguanus appreciates the destruction his job allows him to cause, and carries a massive amount of firepower to rain down devastation on all Maximals who stand in his way. In the end, though, his love of explosions still doesn't hold a candle to some people.

Japanese name: Igunar


Primeval Dawn

In the wake of the Beast Wars, Tarantulas sought the power of the Matrix, and used Transmetal 2 Iguanus as a member of his army. He and Razorclaw took on Ramulus. Primeval Dawn Part 2 Odds are they didn't do too well, though, as their comrade Spittor traveled to Cybertron with Primal Prime's team, and they were nowhere to be seen.

Note: 3H lost its rights to create official Transformers fiction before "Primeval Dawn" could be finished, so the details of numerous characters' fates within it are unknown.


It is implied that Iguanus and Iguanus are one and the same. Who would've guessed?

IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron recruited Iguanus, along with Transquito, Spittor, Drill Bit, Manterror, and Razorbeast. Magmatron's plan was to use the abandoned stasis pods on prehistoric Earth to build an army and take over Cybertron. Upon arrival, Magmatron sent Iguanus and the others to watch over the stasis pods as they were activated. Iguanus witnessed the birth of Retrax.

Razorbeast was revealed as a Maximal spy when Maximals started coming out of the pods. Iguanus was put in charge of organizing hunting parties. The Gathering issue 1

Later, Iguanus located a blank protoform into which Ravage's spark would be inserted. He accompanied Magmatron and Drill Bit to capture Megatron and send him back to Cybertron (to appease the Tripredacus Council). They succeeded in the capture, but failed to prepare the transwarp shunt. Grimlock intervened and ripped Iguanus apart. The Gathering issue 3

Later, Iguanus was part of Ravage's assault on the Maximal base. Grimlock arrived and, as Iguanus tried to order an attack on the big Maximal, promptly ripped him apart again. The Gathering issue 4

Iguanus and raptors don't play well.


Beast Wars

Note: Not Megatron. Or an iguana.

  • Iguanus (Basic, 1996)
A retool of the basic Megatron mold (or possibly vice-versa), Iguanus transforms from frill-necked lizard to robot mode with a one-step spring-loaded transformation. His removable beast-mode tail hides a non-firing blaster cannon that can be used as a hand weapon.
This mold was used to make Crazybolt.

Still not an iguana. Or Megatron.

One of the few non-show Beast Wars characters to get a second new mold, Iguanus transforms into a bio-mechanical frill-necked lizard. His beast-mode head hides a spring-loaded missile launcher that also pops up his frill-plates when activated. The missile is held in his hands in robot mode, for once Ignuanus is transformed, his missile launcher is inaccessible.
This mold was used to make Universe Reptilion.


  • Though he was shown in Japanese Beast Wars catalogue group-shots and given a name, Iguanus himself was never actually released in Japan. The closest he got is his Beast Wars Neo redeco Crazybolt.
  • Iguanus appeared alongside Razorbeast on an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.
  • Iguanus is not actually an iguana. Silly Hasbro.

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