Igor is a fiercely loyal Decepticon who lives in Megatron's scrap yard based refugee camp in Africa, where he happily cheers for his master while chewing on some metal chips, and sometimes even the Scalpels that repair Megatron.

"My Master..."
―Igor grovelling to Megatron.[[Dark of the Moon| [src]]]


Dark of the Moon film


In Megatron's refugee camp, Igor sits on an old hand, laughing and swinging his tongue around. When Megatron returns, he rushes to welcome him back and grovels at his feet. He watches him feed the hatchlings that reside in old oil barrels.

Later, he traveled with his Master to Washington D.C. Megatron went to the Lincoln memorial where he destroyed the statue of Abraham Lincoln with his "Shotgun" and seated himself on the Memorial's chair as a throne. After the broken pieces rolled down the steps, Igor gnawed happily on its disembodied head.

Afterwards, he seems to disappear in typical fashion. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon comic adaptation

Igor stays in Megatron's refugee camp in Namibia, Africa. When Starscream arrives and starts grovelling, he isn't too happy, shouting "NO! My master! Mine!".

Igor accompanied his master to Washington D.C. where Megatron launches his invasion.

He also goes to Chicago. After the battle, he was seen staring up at the sky, wondering what had become of his master. Dark of the Moon #4


  • In the novelization of Dark of the Moon, he is merely a bouncing head, while he has limbs in the film.
  • He is a head of a Long Haul. Though Constructicons are Mass-produced Transformers in the live-action film continuity, there is only one green Long Haul in the previous battle. Igor may be the head of the Long Haul, who was bombarded in the last film.
    • Josh Nizzi's concept art supports this as there is the be-headed body of a Long Haul drone can be seen in the background slumped against a fence in one of them that features pieces of Megatron with him in Africa,
  • According to Wesley Burt's concept art, Igor was initially named Undermine.
  • In the comic adaptation of Dark of the Moon, Megatron keeps Igor like a small dog. When they go to Washington, he keeps him on a chain lead.
  • Igor has one red eye, one blue eye, and a very long (for his size) tongue.
  • He has a walking stick.
  • Unless Igor's Spark is in his "back-pack", there is no possible way he can be on-line, as he would not be connected to the life giving force.
  • The hand Igor is sitting on in the picture above is the same set piece as The Tomb of the Primes in 'Revenge of the Fallen'. It was the hand the Matrix was sat on.
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