An Ick-Yak, also spelt Igyak, is a large, reptilian creature that you would never want to get near, yet one which Kup seems to encounter every now and then. He's old because he's hard.


The Transformers cartoon


It looks kinda like that mechanical dragon Scooby Doo ran into when he met Sandy Duncan.

After escaping Galvatron's forces that had chased them from Autobot City, Kup sat down to tell the Dinobots about his experience with an Ick-Yak on Beta IV. Kup had encountered the Ick-Yak amid a dust storm of some sort, coming down a mountain breathing flame from its nostrils. In his haste to hear the "good part", Grimlock knocked over Swoop, though Swoop didn't mind, as he also wanted to hear the good part. However, Hot Rod interrupted, voicing that they should focus on trying to rescue their friends from Unicron. Only Galvatron's subsequent attack probably saved Hot Rod from being eaten by the Dinobots. The Transformers: The Movie

Kup waving arms

Hmm, this Ick-ak looks kinda old.

Later, Kup told of another encounter with an Ick-Yak on Dredd. The Ick-Yak was capable of both bipedal motion and walking on all six of its limbs. Kup had managed to trick the Ick-Yak onto walking across quickmud, causing it to sink. Wheelie and Blurr were not as impressed as Grimlock. Chaos

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