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Icepick doesn't believe in "survival of the fittest" so much as "destruction of the obsolete." He follows the concept of Planned Obsolescence with the fanatical devotion of a true believer, signing up for his role in demolitions because of it and preaching to all who will listen how the destruction of today will be recycled into a newer, brighter, and more advanced Decepticon tomorrow. Icepick is as endlessly cheerful and enthusiastic a Decepticon as you'll ever find, and though his endless attempts to win new recruits through moving, heartfelt oratory have had very limited success, his superiors appreciate the limitless fervor behind them.

He can combine with his fellow Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

French name (Canada): Frigo
Italian name: Pipistrello


Marvel Generation One comics

Ice, ice, bladey.

In an alternate future where the Decepticons had conquered much of Earth, Icepick and his fellow Pretender Monsters were led by Galvatron to the remains of New York City in an attempt to root out the last remaining vestiges of Autobot and human resistance.

When Wildfly made an offhand observation about Galvatron's insanity, Icepick threatened him with lethal retribution if he endangered the group again. After Galvatron sent them on their way, Icepick himself reflected on how Galvatron was "as loony as they come." He thought a bit about how he might run the Decepticon empire if he were in charge... and while doing so, absent-mindedly walked right into the tripwire of a human-made booby trap, setting off an explosion that buried him under tons of debris. Slog exited his Pretender shell to dig him out.

It appears that he survived relatively unharmed, as the silhouette of his distinctive claws was seen when the Pretender Monsters rejoined the Decepticons to defend the Decepticon Powerbase against an Autobot attack. Rhythms of Darkness!

G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

Icepick was among a group of Decepticons who made a deal with Cobra-La, receiving power-enhancing organic shells in exchange for defending Cobra-La's underground kingdom. They attacked a trio of Autobots aboard the submerged Arc II, then as Monstructor, defended the kingdom against surface attack by GI Joe. Black Horizon, Part 2

IDW Generation One comics

Long millennia ago, Monstructor was the first gestalt, constructed out of the individual Pretender Monsters. Created by Jhiaxus under the direction of Nova Prime, they were intended to be the ultimate fusion of mind and body, a vast amount of intellect combined with unparalleled strength. Unfortunately, they were driven into insanity by the merging process and became monsters. After Nova Prime departed Cybertron in the Ark, Omega Supreme locked them in a dimensionally displaced prison to live out the rest of their horrid existence. Eventually, they escaped and tracked down and attacked Omega Supreme, but were defeated by Optimus Prime and split apart into their individual bodies. Despite Omega Supreme's protestations about the dangers of gestalt technology falling into Decepticon hands, Prime had them taken into custody in an attempt to repair their shattered minds. Spotlight: Optimus Prime

The attempt was failing, despite Jetfire's best attempts, when the Decepticons launched an assault on the Garrus-9 penal facility to capture the combiners. Despite the release of the nucking futz Arcee, the Combaticons successfully captured the Monsters, including Icepick - Arcee is now tracking them. Spotlight: Arcee

The breakout of the "Monstructor Six" eventually made its way to the Autobot Orbital Command Hub, and from there to Optimus Prime. Although Earth was currently facing the threat of Megatron and Sixshot, Prime decided that they couldn't risk allow the Decepticons to gain gestalt technology, and ordered Prowl's team to abandon Earth and head to Garrus-9. Devastation

Note: Thus far in IDW's universe, Icepick, et al. are not actually Pretenders.


Generation One

  • Icepick (Pretender Monster, 1989)
Team ID number: PM1

The scale doesn't quite do justice to the design concept.

Icepick's Pretender shell is an upright, hunchbacked monster seemingly composed of crystalline shards. His inner robot shares a transformation scheme with Scowl and folds up to become a leg for Monstructor. He comes with his shell, shell plate, a small gun, and a footplate for Monstructor.
The inner robot mold and combiner kibble were also used to make Gōryū.


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