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Iacon is an Autobot-controlled city-state of Cybertron and was the Autobot capital during the Great War.


Transformers: Vault[]

Barricade hailed from Iacon. Somewhat ironic that he would later become a Decepticon.

Transformers: Exodus[]

Alpha Trion, Optimus Prime and Jazz worked at the Hall of Records. The latter two would drink at Maccadam's. The High Council would meet in a tower built over Teletraan-1, which contained the Plasma Energy Chamber and the dormant Omega Supreme. Vector Sigma was also located beneath the city, and Six Lasers Over Cybertron and the Manganese Mountains were nearby. Iacon remained unmolested until the end of the war, as the Autobots also held Kalis, which produced enough fusion energy for the city, and because of the city's formidable anti-aircraft turrets. Art, music and maintenance of the DataNet continued. The Decepticons infiltrated Teletraan-1 to steal the Chamber so they could poison Cybertron's core with Dark Energon, causing Omega Supreme to crash into the city. When the Autobots left Cybertron on the Ark, Decepticons flooded into the city.

Transformers: Retribution[]

Shockwave and his Insecticon minions would eventually take up residence in the Autobot's former capital and used conscripted slave labour to build his newest tower. From here, he carried out his brutal regime. Shockwave came to view the entire city and its subjugated citizens as his personal laboratory, and saw Autobot guerillas as welcome variables to cull the weak and enhance the strong. Although the Wreckers and other scattered pockets of Autobot resistance attacked Decepticon convoys moving in and out of Iacon, they could not retake the city. They were fed information by Maccadam, who had turned his bar into the hub of the Autobot resistance's spy network.

Iacon was eventually invaded by Quintessons, who managed to get as far as the Hall of Records before the invasion was foiled. In the heat of battle, the Wrecker Rack n' Ruin destroyed Shockwave's tower with some stolen demolition charges, although Shockwave himself had already escaped Iacon's borders.

Important Locations[]

  • Observatory of Iacon
  • Maccadam's Old Oil House