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I Risk My Life for Earth is the twenty-sixth episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on February 05, 1988 on Nippon TV.



With Scorponok established as leader of the Decepticons once more and Spike on the verge of death, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and only Chromedome can save the day by discovering the long-held secret of Scorponok's weak spot!


Following Galvatron's demise, Scorponok once again seizes control of the Decepticon forces, and appoints himself the Emperor of Terror. Keeping Sixshot occupied by instructing him to continue the attack against Earth's Autobots, Scorponok and the Decepticon Headmasters resume their original plan for the destruction of Earth.

On Athenia, the Autobots study the Decepticons' recent movements, noting that the northern hemisphere has seen a lot of activity of late. Chromedome prepares to head to Earth to help reinforce the defenses of that area when Spike announces that he will be going to the planet too, to attend a summit concerning Earth's volcanoes. Specifically, the meeting is about drilling into Earth's mantle, but Spike's studies reveal an unexpected coincidence: All of Scorponok's movements have been centered on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the largest concentration of volcanoes on Earth, which runs from Alaska to the South Pole. Back in Autobot City, Spike explains that he thinks the Decepticons are targeting the spot where Earth's crust is weakest, but in the midst of his talk, Trypticon attacks. Metroplex holds him off, but Sixshot then arrives, and Chromedome, recalling the death of Ultra Magnus at the ninja's hands, engages him in battle. Metroplex is distracted by this, and as Trypticon bears down on him, Spike steps out from his cover to shout a warning to the city-bot, only to be struck by a stray laser blast. Metroplex repels the Decepticons, but Spike is critically wounded and transported by to Athenia for urgent medical attention.

Chromedome blames himself for allowing Spike to get injured, and although Daniel is understanding, Wheelie is not so forgiving. Just then, Fortress enters to inform everyone on Spike's condition: A small piece of shrapnel has become embedded in one of his arteries and cannot be removed by surgery. His guilt mounting, Chromedome turns on Fortress, blaming Spike's injuries on his passive strategies. Once he's restrained and calmed down by his fellow Headmasters, the group then debate Scorponok's strategy, with Highbrow speculating that he is attempting to make the Earth combust into a new sun. At that point, a report is beamed in from Scattershot that the Decepticons are active on the Kamchatka Peninsula, another portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Fortress forbids Chromedome from participating in the attack, and he remains on Athenia while the others head for Earth.

Spike and Daniel share a tearful moment in the medical bay, with Spike telling Daniel that regardless of what happens to him, he must remain strong. Thankfully, Fortress has the answer that will save Spike's life. Putting his Master-born psychic powers to work, he telekinetically purges the shrapnel from Spike's body. Unfortunately, this drains all of his energy, and with Scorponok on the way to Earth, he will be unable to transform into Fortress Maximus to combat him.

On Kamchatka, the Autobots are meeting heavy Decepticon resistance, and Scorponok appears in the sky over the peninsula, patiently awaiting the arrival of Fortress. Soon enough, he gets his wish, and he transforms into robot mode to throw around the energy-deprived Battleship Maximus. Stuck on Athenia and feeling useless, Chromedome realises the key to winning the day: discovering the secret of Scorponok's long-searched-for weakness! Daniel and Wheelie aid him in his work, focusing their studies on the connection between his head and body, per notes left by Highbrow. As the battle on Earth worsens, they at last discover the Decepticon leader's weak spot: the Decepticon insignia on his chest! Chromedome races to Earth, arriving just as things seem their bleakest, as Scorponok hurls Battleship Maximus into the molten heart of a volcano. What Scorponok has failed to account for, however, is Fortress's ability to absorb the volcano's magma energy, re-energising him and allowing him to transform into Fortress Maximus! Chromedome informs him of the weak spot, and Fortress Maximus stabs Scorponok through the chest with the Master Sword, causing the Decepticon to topple into the volcano. In a spray of molten rock, the crippled Scorponok bursts free and flees into the sky.

As the dust clears, Wheelie and the other Headmasters reconcile with Chromedome.


In the episode[]


Regional Differences[]


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Note: The following quotes were taken from the Malaysian English dub.

"Good day."
"Not likely."
"Chromedome, I'm going to send you to hell."
"No way!"

Sixshot and Chromedome have witty repartee.

"Oh no, watch out!"

Sparkle fails to warn Metroplex

Chromedome: "I'm sorry that Sparkle has been hurt. It was all my fault, Danny!"
Daniel: "Don't blame yourself, Chromedome."
Wheelie: "But it is your fault, Chromedome! You shouldn't have let Sparkle join in the fight! You should have known that yourself!"
Chromdome: "You're right, Wheelie, it was all my fault."
Wheelie: "It's too late for apologies."
Highbrow: "Wheelie, you can't blame Chromedome."
Wheelie: "But... but..."

—Wheelie is a vindictive little bastard

Sparkle: "Danny, boys can cry, but not out loud. Men don't cry; they only get stronger.
Daniel: [crying] "Father! Father!"
Sparkle: "Come on now, brave men don't cry, you know."
Daniel: [crying] "I'm not crying, I won't cry, I won't!"

—Spike emotionally cripples his son while dying on a hospital bed.

"Fortress Maximus has come himself. Okay! Then I shall get Fortress Maximus to fight me, huh huh huh!"

Scorponok does not know what he is saying

Chromedome: "Commander, the symbol is the weak point on his chest!"
Scorponok: "Darn it. How'd he find out?"
[Autobots begin shooting]
Scorponok: "Darn it!"

—Scorponok is having a bad day.

"At last the battle is over. It's a miracle that Fortress Maximus survived. But will Scorponok return? Of course he will."

—The Narrator proves to be the best character in the series.


Continuity errors[]

  • When Chromedome heads for Earth to spread the word on Scorponok's weak spot, Arcee informs him that he can't use the space bridge—obvious enough, since it was destroyed in "Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!!". Chromedome, however, claims he will "find a way," and is next seen in mid-transit to Earth, flying through what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a space bridge tunnel. What the hell?

Transformers references[]

  • Galvatron met his end in "The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg." That episode also featured Scorponok's activities in Alaska, foreshadowing the involvement of the Pacific Ring of Fire in this episode.
  • Ultra Magnus died in "Ultra Magnus Dies!!" Hard to believe, we know.
  • Although earlier episodes have laid the seeds for it, it is this episode which really makes the viewer aware that Chromedome bears a vicious enmity towards Sixshot. Although this episode only specifically mentions the death of Ultra Magnus, recall that Sixshot was also responsible for killing Chromedome's best friend, Abel, as seen in "Terror! The Six Shadows". Unfortunately for Chromedome, this is not the last time that one of his friends will lose his life thanks to Sixshot, and it sets the stage for a major confrontation between the two characters towards the end of the series.
  • The Headmasters' psychic powers were properly established in "Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2". This is the first and only time that powers beyond telepathy are demonstrated.
  • The long-standing mystery of Scorponok's weak spot first arose, naturally, in "Find MegaZarak's Weak Spot!!" Tied into this, in both "Fight to the Death on Planet Hive!!" and "Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship", Scorponok took slashes to the chest and immediately retreated from battle. Now we know why: because his weak spot had been hit!

Miscellaneous trivia[]

  • All the major plot threads established since Galvatron's return in "Return of the Immortal Emperor" have been wound up over the last few episodes, culminating in this episode, representing the end of the second "story arc" in The Headmasters and setting the stage for the third and final arc, beginning next episode.
  • The Malay dub version of this episode is downright hilarious.


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