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Using lead paint long before China started to make it a trend.

Plasticos IGA, S.A. (often referred to as simply "IGA") was a Mexican company that held the license to manufacture and market Transformers toys in Mexico and Central America during Generation One.


Lead paint makes Devastator's eyes become red.

Beginning in 1985, IGA introduced a wide variety of Mexican-made Transformers toys, including such unique variants as a silver Cliffjumper and a Hoist with the same head sculpt as Trailbreaker. However, the Mexican Transformers toyline sold well below expectations, and in 1986 IGA introduced only Metroplex and a handful of repainted Mini Vehicles before giving up on Transformers altogether.

Around 1989, significant quantities of IGA Transformers were quasi-legally exported to Europe, and these created some concern by not meeting European safety standards; for instance, the Mexican Seekers' nosecones were made of hard plastic as opposed to rubber, and some Mexican toys had lead paint applications.

Today, IGA Transformers are prized by many collectors due to the presence of unusual variants.

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