This article is about the Unicron Trilogy spaceship. For Krakon's home planet, see Hyperion (G1).

Hyperion is an Autobot spaceship in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Just look at those fingers. Would you say they were happy fingers?

Hyperion was the Autobot flagship in the earlier centuries of the war over the Mini-Con robots.

(Note The name Hyperion comes from the Japanese Micron Legend Year Book 2003; the ship was not named in the English dub. It's quite possible it wasn't named in the Japanese episode proper either.)


Armada animated continuity

Hyperion doomsday

The Hyperion (left) is the result of using Transmetal 2 technology on a beer coaster.

Hyperion was used by the Autobots to cover the escape of the Mini-Con starship Exodus from Cybertron. Backed up by numerous smaller starfighters, it went up against the Decepticon flagship Doomsday, which was trying to intercept the escaping Mini-Cons. First Encounter

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