Vertebreak wields the powerful Hyena Cannon, which is capable of producing, before each shot, an unsettling sonic alarm which can cause some bots to involuntarily run for their lives in sheer panic. Even worse, when the cannon's missiles actually hit them, it scrambles their circuits, causing his targets to attack their comrades. Those who are dumb enough to actually get close to Vertebreak will end up feeling dumber, as the Hyena Cannon's special short-range blast will permanently drain his victims of a couple of intelligence points.


Beast Hunters

  • Vertebreak (Deluxe, 2013)
    • Series / Number: 2 / 014
    • Accessories: Hyena Cannon, missile, tail/whip
Part of the fourth wave of Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class toys, Vertebreak is a redeco of Lazerback, and wields the "Hyena Cannon", a redeco of Lazerback's Toxic Strike Blaster. It transforms from his back into a spring-loaded missile launcher which fires a single, double-pronged missile. The Hyena Cannon can be attached to a hinged 5mm peg-hole as a back-mounted launcher, or placed in Vertebreak's hand.
This weapon was also redecoed into Go! Gaidora's blaster.
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