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'''Whilst most of the players converge on the volcano, Bumblebee undergoes a whole new transformation...'''
'''Whilst most of the players converge on the volcano, Bumblebee undergoes a whole new transformation...'''
[[Image:TFUK 117 COVER.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Exactly as it says on the tin.]]
[[Image:TFUK 117 COVER.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Exactly as it says on the tin.]]
{{comicnav | The Transformers (Marvel Comics)#Marvel UK | 117 - 118 | seriesname=Generation 1 (Marvel UK) | prev=Burning Sky! | next=Fire on High!}}
{{comicnav | The Transformers (Marvel Comics)#Marvel UK | 117 - 118 | seriesname=Generation One (Marvel UK) | prev=Burning Sky! | next=Fire on High!}}
=Marvel UK issues #117 - 118=
=Marvel UK issues #117 - 118=

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Whilst most of the players converge on the volcano, Bumblebee undergoes a whole new transformation...

Exactly as it says on the tin.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 117 - 118
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Marvel UK issues #117 - 118

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencils: Will Simpson (117)
Inks: Tim Perkins (117)
Art: Jeff Anderson (118)
Lettering: Starkings
Colours: Steve White (credited on 117 only)

  • Originally published: 6th - 13th June 1987; Cover date ("off sale") 13th - 20th June 1987


Since arriving in 1987, Death's Head has decided that the best place to get information on Galvatron's whereabouts is the present day Decepticon base. Unfortunately his history tapes stated that it was currently the coal mine in Eastern Wyoming, costing him time, but he has now arrived at the island base. Soundwave is patrolling the beach and Death's Head attacks, demanding information. Soundwave reads Death's Head's mind and learns of Death's Head's intentions, but as he ejects Laserbeak, he declares that whilst the Decepticons want to neutralise Galvatron, they don't want "space scum" doing it. Death's Head soon subdues both, then advances on Soundwave and demands further information.

In southern Oregon, Rodimus Prime is studying Galvatron through binoculars, but Cindy berates him for not yet having done anything to save Ultra Magnus as promised. Kup, Blurr and Rodimus all agree that they shouldn't charge in unprepared, but it is now time to act. However, Rodimus is still plagued by doubt, wondering if travelling back in time has merely compounded his other errors: not destroying Galvatron but instead throwing him into space to travel back in time, then offering a reward that drew Death's Head to the era. Now he wonders if he has deserted his troops.

At the summit of Mount Verona, Galvatron explains to a subdued Ultra Magnus that the earlier eruption was a controlled experiment to test the power siphon, and now he is preparing to become an unstoppable god. Ultra Magnus tries to fight back but is quickly knocked down. Galvatron picks him up and is about to throw him into the volcano when Rodimus Prime calls out. Galvatron cannot believe his eyes and assumes it is either a trick or an imposter, but throws Magnus at Kup and Blurr, knocking out all three. Rodimus advances on Galvatron, declaring that they'll fight to the death. However, Death's Head has now arrived and declares he is determined to claim Rodimus's bounty.

Elsewhere Wreck-Gar has arrived in 1987 in a different location from the other Autobots and has found the remains of Bumblebee. Wanted - Galvatron Dead or Alive Wreck-Gar had planned to research the era's television but decides instead that "Jim'll Fix It!"

At Mount Verona, Rodimus and Death's Head argue over whether or not the contract has been cancelled. Death's Head asserts that Rodimus has contractual obligations, but Rodimus says he will not stand aside when he's about to destroy Galvatron himself. The business negotiations are abruptly halted by an angry Galvatron, who does not like being squabbled over and decides to eliminate the pair of them. Death's Head is hit in the shoulder and withdraws to repair himself, deciding that if Rodimus succeeds and refuses payment, then he will be the next target. Rodimus and Galvatron fight furiously.

Cindy has been hiding under Ultra Magnus, Kup and Blurr and now wakes Magnus. He is confused by her babbling about Rodimus Prime, but when he sees Kup and Blurr, he starts to understand and realises he must help Rodimus. Picking up a blaster, Magnus starts firing at the power lines to the siphon, causing an explosion. Galvatron is distracted long enough for Rodimus to transform and withdraw, promising to return for round two.

Elsewhere Wreck-Gar has finished. From the remains of Bumblebee he has created...Goldbug!


"Fools! Galvatron is not some commodity to be bought and sold! I am power incarnate, and I will solve your petty squabbles... by eliminating you both!"

Galvatron does not take kindly to being the object of business negotiations.


  • Rodimus's chest symbol regularly disappears.
  • Ultra Magnus's shoulder rockets appear and disappear across different panels, although they're more consistent than in previous issues.
  • Although Wreck-Gar states he's come to research 1987 TV programmes, his dialogue suggests he's already familiar with them.
  • Bumblebee's head has been barely damaged at all, bar losing half of one horn. So why does Wreck-Gar feel the need to rebuild it totally differently? (To sell toys...)

Items of note

  • Soundwave and Laserbeak's fates are left unclear, but they are shown functioning once more in "Ladies Night" in issues 137-138 and in "Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom" in issues 128-129 respectively.
  • This is the only occasion in the UK comic when Rodimus transforms into his vehicle mode.
  • Goldbug has a different origin in the UK comic from the US comic - see Bumblebee (G1)#Conflicting Goldbug origins for full details. As the UK comic did not initially reprint the G.I. Joe and the Transformers mini-series an alternative explanation had to be provided. This is one of the main points where the two continuities explicitly disagree with each other.


  • This issue was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Fallen Angel".
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