Hunter Nemesis Prime (ハンターネメシスプライム Hantā Nemeshisu Puraimu) is an evil version of Hunter Optimus Prime from an alternate dimension, brought to our Earth by the power of the Black Legendisc.



  • Hunter Nemesis Prime (Voyager, 2013-12-26)
    • Accessories: 2 missile launchers/rocket engines, 2 missiles, sword
A Cybertron Satellite-exclusive TakaraTomy Go! toy, Hunter Nemesis Prime is a black redeco/retool of Prime: Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime, transforming into a monstrous flat-nosed truck, and with his head being remolded to feature a faceplate. He features a 5mm port for each of his hands, one on his backpack, one near each of his front wheels, and one on each of his two upper wings.
He comes with a sword, which is a redeco of Optimus's Star Saber, has a 5mm handle, and features a post on its hilt. He also comes with two spring-loaded, missile-firing launchers, which are redecos of Optimus' Ionic Pulse Launchers, each feature a 5mm post, have flip open prods, and can peg onto the ports near the wheels on his robot back, giving him a pair of back-mounted rocket engines.


  • While his bio calls Hunter Nemesis Prime an "evil version of Hunter Optimus Prime from an alternate dimension", it does not indicate whether he is an evil counterpart to the Optimus Prime of his native dimension or (somehow) to the Optimus Prime of the dimension to which Hunter Nemesis Prime has come
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