Hungry Dragon is a public relations campaign in the Sector Seven portion of the movie continuity family.
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Hungry Dragon is the code-name for Sector Seven attempt to cover-up the Transformers' existence by passing them off as fictional characters.

Hungry Dragon 1Edit

In 1983, in response to a worrying series of leaks about the Mega-man and the group's research, S7 Industries collaborated with Japanese toy manufacturer Takara to produce a movie based on the characters and locations from the 'video game' S7 was developing.

The operation was considered an enormous success.

Hungry Dragon 2Edit

In response to Cliffjumper's Arival on Mars in 2003, Sector Seven ramps up a second 'Hungry Dragon' campaign, culminating in the production of a big summer movie in 2007.

Concurrent with a sharp increase[1] in Transformer activity on Earth, Hollywood actor (and Sector Seven agent) Hugo Weaving is inserted into the production to ensure its smooth progress.


  1. In the space of 2 months in early 2007, Sector Seven's catalog of suspected NBEs went from 8 to more than 120.
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