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Humungado is a giant fire-breathing reptile, star of his own series of movies, which Kade Burns insists are blockbusters though apparently the sequels are not very good. In addition to his fire breath, Humungado's tail has the equivalent of a wrecking ball on the end.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Attack of Humungado"

During a showing of Attack of Humungado, the high-tech projector malfunctioned, creating an instance of the monster Rayvenous in the real world. The rescue team attempted to return Rayvenous to the movie, during which another mishap caused Humungado himself to be brought into the real world. After shrugging off the Rescue Bots, Humungado wandered into Griffin Rock, where the Rescue Bots assumed their dinosaur modes, and were able to drive Humungado out of the town and to the sea. Rayvenous was used as bait, luring Humungado back to the drive in, however while Doc Greene was preparing to return the two Kaiju to the movie, Humungado formed an alliance with Rayvenous to team up against the Rescue Dinos. Fortunately the rescue team was able to restrain him until Doc Greene could finally complete the process, returning the pair to the film.


  • Like Hojoni before him, Humungado is clearly based on Godzilla, right down to his theme song featuring a similar melody and instrumentation.
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