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* One of the most prevalent examples of this tradition is the ''[[Kiss Players]]'' manga, in which a [[Legion]] character is equipped with a distinctive prehensile (and phallic) tongue.
* One of the most prevalent examples of this tradition is the ''[[Kiss Players]]'' manga, in which a [[Legion]] character is equipped with a distinctive prehensile (and phallic) tongue.
===Facial hair===
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===Questionable body parts===
===Questionable body parts===

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Throughout the various Transformers canon, there have been several instances of Transformers with humanistic traits and having very human actions that possibly conflict with their status as mechanical robots. Many of these instances can be dismissed as stylistic choices by the artists or as gags not to be taken seriously.

Glandular, digestive, and respiratory


  • Numerous times in the Marvel UK comic, Kup can be seen "sweating."
  • Robots in Disguise and Armada featured Transformers displaying the traditional anime "sweatdrop," a giant bead of liquid appearing at the side of the head to convey embarrassment or exasperation.


  • In the G1 episode Roll For It, when the Autobots emerge from the ruins of a demolished antimatter laboratory, they are coughing.
  • In Beast Wars, Megatron begins to cough for no reason while making a triumphant speech. Much like Powerglide's "heart", this could be a one-shot joke.
  • In the episode Mortal Combat in Transformers Armada, right after Optimus Prime says "I wish I could accommodate you", he coughs silently.



  • Throughout his term on the Marvel UK comic letters page, Soundwave would regularly say "(Puttup)" after mentioning the Autobots or an Autobot's name to represent him spitting in disgust. This habit made an in-story appearance, with him spitting at Robot-Master despite his mouthplate.
  • In issue 72 of the Marvel US comics, after Nightbeat escapes from the Decepticons's New Jersey base via a sewer, he spits as he complains about their poor choice of backdoor.
  • In the Beast Wars episode "Tangled Web", Quickstrike "spat" after reissuing his challenge to tangle with Silverbolt, despite the fact that, like Soundwave, he has no apparent mouth.


  • As he mourns his dead friend Snowstalker and decides he can never fight again, Tigatron cries a single tear in beast mode.
  • Tears can be seen welling up in Ironhide's eyes and falling to the ground in Energon as he mourns a fallen comrade.



  • In the Beast Wars episode "The Low Road", Rhinox lets out an extreme amount of flatulence after consuming wild bean vines. This could be due to Maximals having organic parts in their makeup.
  • Also in Beast Wars, In the episode "Bad Spark", Cheetor also lets out flatulence, blaming it on a large buildup of energy from his Transmetal body.


  • Tasmania Kid urinated (in beast mode) to put out a fire.
  • Bumblebee performed a similar action on Agent Simmons, by popping off his gas cap in robot mode. Optimus Prime claims that he was just "lubricating" him. Presumably, this action was inspired from witnessing a similar incident.
    • To be honest, it looked less like a gas cap and more like a oil filter, for the part that actually came off and hit Simmons in the head anyways. Which would have made more sense, given that oil is a lubricant, and gas is a fuel.


  • In Beast Wars II, Galvatron gets "drunk" on numerous occasions.


AutoBerserk OptimusPrime closedeyes

Oh, my eyes!!

  • In the episode Auto Berserk, Optimus Prime's eyes are closed (apparently to shield them against the smoke) much like a human's when Autobots stagger out of the fire and smoke of the Negavator's destruction.

Body parts



A little too friendly, there, Megatron...

  • One of the most prevalent examples of this tradition is the Kiss Players manga, in which a Legion character is equipped with a distinctive prehensile (and phallic) tongue.

Facial hair

Main article: Facial hair

Questionable body parts

Powerglide heart

Predaking: All brawn AND brains!

  • Nearly all Transformers seem to possess noses for no discernable functional reason.
  • In the G1 episode "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide", Powerglide is seen at the end of the episode having the LED outline of a cartoon heart within his chasis. This is somewhat nonsensical within in the context of the show (the contents of Transformers chest cavitites had been shown several times before), and is probably merely meant as a one-off sight gag.
  • Predaking (possibly brought back from the dead) has an organic brain when he is sliced in half in Zone.

Other biological functions


  • In the G1 comic, Ratchet falls asleep and dreams (or rather, has a nightmare). This goes against established canon for that continuity that Transformers deactivate fully rather than "sleep," a point Ratchet himself makes.
  • In the Generation 2 comic, Kup attempts to rouse a vision-struck Optimus Prime by urging him to "wake up" -- then reminds himself that "we don't sleep!"
  • In Beast Wars, it has been firmly established that (perhaps partially due to their organic components), all Transformers within the cartoon sleep. Some prime examples of this are:
    • Megatron has been shown to sleep in the command chair of the Darksyde, while his dino head mounted on the end of his arm stays awake, looks around, and smiles slyly. Wonder what it thinks about...
    • Cheetor has been shown asleep at many points, complete with (occasionally prophetic) dreams. In Feral Scream Part 2, he also purrs when he's asleep. How cute!
    • In "Call of the Wild", the Maximals are kept awake for two days by the Predacons' non-stop attacks on their base, which exacerbate their beast instincts overriding their logic circuits.
  • Armada Cyclonus is quite fond of catching forty winks when possible. Scavenger did the same on one occasion. Armada Megatron was also seen asleep twice in the episode "Rebellion".


One of the most controversial aspects of Transformers is the idea of sexuality. While it is established in most continuities that Transformers do not reproduce sexually, most continuities nonetheless have distinctive male and female characters (with the notable exception of the G1 comic, which explicitly states there is no sexual distinction).


Sorry Sideburn, I don't think Wedge rolls that way.

The G1 cartoon brought the first official female Autobots into the canon, including Elita One and Arcee. The characters are noticeably more feminine in design and have clearly defined romantic relationships with male Autobots.

The issue becomes more complicated in Beast Wars, where the sexuality line is clearly defined (Blackarachnia has a particularly well defined female figure, including what appears to be an ample bosom). It is hinted on occasion that the robots may engage in activities resembling human sex acts. Rattrap slyly makes a double entendre to Silverbolt regarding his suspected kinky activities with Predacon Blackarachnia, and later makes a comment about going to what sounds like a Cybertonian version of a strip club. In the Metals dub, Rattrap, thinking himself about to be stabbed by Dinobot, asked him to "be gentle, because I've heard the first time can hurt."

In the original Japanese version of Energon, Mirage displays romantic interest in Galvatron, causing his comrades to regard him with minor confusion. The Energon dub seemed to do its best to skirt around this issue, with Mirage's exclamations either being about different things entirely or simple cheering on of his leader - but they couldn't do anything about the hands-clapsed-beside-his-head-while-doe-eyed expressions, or the one time that he pirouetted, struck a pose while surrounded by a giant glowing pink heart. Why, Japan?

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