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[[../Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Human Error, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

The Autobots wake up on Christmas morning to find they have become human!

Brief Synopsis

Mini Soundwave electrifying oil

It's alive! bwahahahahah!!!

The episode starts with Optimus Prime patrolling the city and seeing Soundwave toys running everywhere. He decides to return to base. Sari was making oilnogg for them. Later, a Soundwave (Who was Bulkhead's present) used some sort of electric thing on the oil Sari had made. The Autobots drank it and it made them dizzy (drunk) and they went for a stasis nap.



The next morning, Optimus and his crew realise they had become organic humans and there was no evidence of how they became human according to Ratchet's scanners. Prowl did not mind his human form (which resembled his human hologram, helmet and all) but the others did. They were wondering what happened to their original bodies and decided to go to Sumdac tower - on foot.

On the way there, they suddenly get hungry, and so stop to get some food. Unfortunately, their meal is suddenly interrupted by a Decepticon attack, led by Starscream(!). Working together, they manage to save a woman and her son from a burning building, but are naturally no match for the Decepticons. They escape by hiding in the fleeing crowds.

Meanwhile, Sari has gotten some presents of her own from her father: a Soundwave toy of her own, which she hates, and a scooter that transforms into a jetpack, which she is much more appreciative of, and promptly flies off to show to the Autobots. Not finding them there, she uses their computer to search for their energy signatures, and surprisingly finds that they're apparently still in the building.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Isaac Sumdac: That toy rightfully belongs to me Powell! You are a thieving crook!
Porter C. Powell: And a Merry Christmas to you too Professor Sumdac. But I acquired this toy's patents fair and square when I owned your company. Now I'm sharing Soundwave with the entire world! For only 19.99 each!
Isaac Sumdac: 19.99?! How does he do it?!

Business is business.

Ratchet: I'm telling you, there is no way this Santa Claus can deliver billions of presents in one night.
Prowl: I... can think of at least one way .
(Prowl smiles as he creates two holographic duplicates of himself)
Prowl: Ho.. ho... ho!
Optimus Prime: A sound theory, Prowl. I did see multiple Santa's in the shopping district tonight.

—The Bots try and explain the magic of Christmas, maybe they can try to explain the case of the missing trailer next.

Optimus Prime: We need to get to Sumdac Tower! Auto uh.. men. Transfor... er uh roll... er uh... let's just go...

—Easy there Human Prime, after all, you are only human.

Sari Sumdac: A... Soundwave toy?
Isaac Sumdac: To replace the one that tried to take over the world.
Sari Sumdac: Dad... that thing tried to kill me!
Isaac Sumdac: Ah but this is an action figure, assembled in China and not by Megatron.

—Uh yeah Sari, I don't think he gets it...

Ratchet: Hey, how come your fuel is different from ours?
Prowl: I choose the vegetable fuel because it burns cleaner. Don't you know where that animal flesh comes from?
Bulkhead: (With his mouth full) No, but I know where it's going!
Bumblebee: Half of it's going on your clothes.

—Bulkhead is starting to enjoy human life.

"C'mon you guys can't still be sleping, it's Christmas... helo, guys cute girl with jetpack is here ,okay you guys better not be messing with me. Nice try but you can't hide your energy signature, wich are coming from right here, alright no more hide and seek im going home, hear me im going home. Fine guys don't spend Christmas day with me."

—Sari is being ignored like every human sidekick.

Starscream: Prime? Ratchet? I thought I recognized those voices! HAHAHAHAHAH! You've been living with these pathetic organics for so long, you've become them! It will be a simple matter to crush you out of existence right now! Huh? Where did you go? I can't tell the difference between one insignificant human and the next. (blows up some cars) Ah well, no matter. There is much more Decepticon fun to come.

Starscream gets easily distracted...

Icy Blitzwing: Why would the Autobots choose to be human?
Random Blitzwing: Not for the fashion sense, I can tell you that. HAHAHA!

—We missed you guys.

Soundwave: Escape is impossible. Autobots inferior, Soundwave superior.

Woah... talk about deja vu.

Soundwave: Initiating final phase of Operation "Autobot Reprogramming". Soon, the Autobots will unite with us. Soon, they will call themselves... Decepticon.

— Soundwave's plan is revealed.

Other Notes

Animation errors

  • Megatron's arm is quite large when he is being hit with it.
    Hitting urself 2

    Stop hitting yourself, Megatron. Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.

  • Also, why is Megatron's arm hollow all of a sudden? Where are all the wires and circuitry?

Continuity errors

  • Starscream (intact), Blitzwing, Lugnut, Shockwave and most of Team Chaar appear in the Decepticon invasion. How Soundwave would know about them in order to use them in his virtual world is unknown. It is possible he downloaded Starscream, Blitzwing, Lugnut and Shockwave from the Autobot's memory banks, but that doesn't excuse Team Chaar.
  • Speaking of Team Chaar, it's also curious that Cyclonus is missing and Shockwave is taking his place. Blackout is also conspicuously missing. Much more destruction would have been guaranteed had he been there.

Transformer references

  • Soundwave looks a lot like his normal self back in Sound and Fury, yet somehow seems to have shrunk from being taller than 8-year-old Sari, to the size of Powell's new mass-produced action figures. Or was the Soundwave that poisoned the 'oil nog' one of the action figures, with the real Soundwave down below all along?
  • Prowl in his human form looks like his hologram. This makes him a ninja-cop, which is awesome.
  • Soundwave's numerous musical instruments are very much like his cassete tapes from G1.
  • The scene where Cybertron appears above Earth and emits a beam of light, which sucks up some rubble resembles the scene where Unicron sucks up some of Lithone in the G1 movie.
  • The smiling missiles that Starscream fires resemble those of Terrorsaur.
  • Laserbeak joins Soundwave for the first time and takes the appearance of his toy counterpart by transforming into a guitar which creates a sonic blast. So all talk, no shock.
  • Near the end of the episode, Soundwave plays a keytar to continue the Autobots' reprogramming.
  • Soundwave restates one of his awesome lines, although this time to the Autobots. And the fandom rejoiced.
  • Too much "oil nog" leaves the Autobots suffering the effects of "over-charging," which also hearkens back to oil's use as a stand-in for beer in the Constructicon episodes, though Soundwave's tampering may have had more to do with it.

Real-world references

  • Human Optimus looks remarkably like David Kaye. Although, that's probably the point. Also, human Bumblebee is black, like his voice actor, Bumper Robinson. The designs of their clothing, reflecting their robot modes, also resembles the popular fanart practice of depicting the Autobots as humans.
  • This is also the first Transformers TV Christmas special EVER!!! — Only it is not broadcast in December. Urgh!
  • After the human Autobots destroy Megatron and his Decepticons, Bumblebee says, "I don't think were in Detroit anymore," a reference to the Wizard of Oz.
  • Cybertron fired a laser on Sumdac Tower, resembling the White House's destruction from Independance day.
  • After human Bulkhead smashes through Blitzwing's leg, Blitzwing says, "I have a hole in my rocket." A reference to when Ringo Starr in the movie The Yellow Submarine says, "I've got a hole in my pocket."

Other notes

  • This episode takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Considering the presence of snow at the end of Season 1, and one Halloween before then, it seems to have been well over a year since the Autobots were re-activated from their 50-year stasis under Lake Erie.
Bulkhead's Present different ribbons

Two images of Bulkhead's present. Notice that on the right the horizontal ribbon is gone.

  • Before Bulkhead puts down his present, the horizontal ribbon was visible underneath the vertical ribbon but as be put the backed back, the horizontal ribbon was gone.
  • The scene where Sari discoveres the Autobots in the basement, after she blasts Soundwave's speaker, it reappears in the next scene, prefectly healed.
  • When the Autobots became human, their voices sound...different. (It's amazing how much the robotic voice filter makes a difference.)
  • Sari uses her cyborg form in this episode, and manages to control it easily, joyriding around without any city-wrecking or overloading. Looks like Ratchet's tinkering payed off.
  • Sari's gift from her father seems to be an upgrade of her trike-jetpack thingy from the early stages of the show's production. Like Sari herself, it transforms with the high-pitched variant of the transformation noise.
  • It seems Prowl is a vegetarian while in his "human" form... but then again, no surprise right?
  • Soundwave is a rare non-Triple Changer, non-Beast Era character to have four modes (has his robot mode, vehicle mode, original "toy" mode, and the small leftover form seen at the end of Sound and Fury.) However, with two robot modes and two vehicle modes that he can switch between at will, Shockwave has him beat.
  • Spike and Daniel can also be seen riding the bus that the Autobots take to Sumdac Tower. Recession's a pain, huh? It could be that whichever Witwicky works for Sumdac Systems was fired while Powell was in charge. Of course, this is Soundwave's virtual world, and may not reflect the actual Witwickys' financial situation.
  • Where did the Automen get the money for Burgerbot and the bus? Or do they just not understand money and so Soundwave ommited the need for it in the simulation?
  • Tara Strong, Sari's voice actress, is Jewish, and therefore wouldn't actually celebrate Christmas.
  • When Sari is opening her presents, she holds off on complaining about her Soundwave toy until after she opens it. Yet the box has a clear plastic window...
  • How does Sari know how to make Oilnogg in the first place anyway?
  • Most, if not all, of the Animation and Continuity "errors" can be explained away by the fact that it was all a dream-like illusion created by Soundwave.
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