The name or term Huffer refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Huffer (disambiguation).

Huffer is an Autobot Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

With Caliburst by his side, Huffer is just as inclined to grumble as he's ever been, but he's also faster, stronger, and smarter, which means the Decepticon have a lot more to complain about than he does.


  • Huffer with Caliburst (Commander, 2010)
Huffer transforms into an yellow long-nosed semi truck cab, which, for some reason, has a stand-out orange bonnet. There is a peg on the back that Caliburst can fit on to in his cannon mode. Huffer has a very simple transformation, in humanoid mode, he is quite stocky. The peg that was on his back in truck mode is now under his arm, Caliburst can still plugged here and used as an under-slung weapon.
Like the other Power Core Combiners Mini-Cons, Caliburst can turn into a armour, plugged onto Huffer's.


  • Huffer was referred as "the only heritage character in Power Core Combiners" by Hasbro at BotCon 2010. This suggest Huffer may be viewed as the same character as Generation 1 Huffer.
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